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Ms. Marvel: Will Kamran become an enemy? Marvel Comics Backgrounds Explained!

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July 06, 2022 at 3:28 p.m.

At the end of Episode 5 of “Ms. Marvel,” Kamran may have turned out to be a villain from the Disney+ series. What are Kamran Marvel Comics wallpapers?

Ms. Marvel: Rish Shah as Kamran.

Ms. Marvel: Rish Shah as Kamran. (Source: Disney/Marvel)

Warning, there will be spoilers for episode 5 of “Ms. Marvel”!

  • Episode 5 of “Ms. Marvel” gives Kamran (Rish Shah) superpowers. What does it look like in Marvel comics?
  • Najma gives her life so that her son receives the superpowers of the Noor dimension. Will he become a hero or a villain?
  • In Marvel Comics, Kamran is a super villain who intends to destroy all humans on Earth.

The fifth episode of “Ms. Marvel” is available to stream now on Disney+ and has taken a giant leap towards the finale. At the end of the episode, Najma (Nimra Bucha) sacrifices herself to close the Noor Veil after realizing the destructive power the Noor dimension is unloading on Earth.

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Thereafter, cosmic magic flies out of the veil and permeates Kamran (Rish Shah), whose name Najma says before he dies. He now has the same superpowers as Kamala. but what does that mean? Will Kamran now become a hero or a super villain? We explain the comic decorations to you!

Ms. Marvel: Who is Kamran in Marvel Comics?

First, the origin story of Kamala’s powers and the story of the Noor dimension were created specifically for the Disney+ series. In the comics, the whole story of Kamala’s background plays out a bit differently. Our following explanation of Kamran’s origins is therefore placed directly in the context of the series.

In the comics, Kamran and Kamala have known each other since they were children, then they lose contact and one day they meet again because their families are friends. The two grow closer and bond. In the series, the part that the two have known each other since childhood is omitted, but here too the two share some common history.

Kamala’s great-grandmother, Aisha (Mehwish Hayat), like Najma, Kamran’s mother, is from the Noor dimension and together they pursued the goal of returning to their homeland. However, the two argue and therefore an intergenerational conflict is inevitable.

In the comics, Kamran has superpowers that share the same origin as Kamala’s powers. If the series differs here from the comics, they share the same origin of powers: the Noor dimension. However, Kamran gets his powers later in the series, in the comics he’s had them all his life.

Kamran works for an evil organization that wants to wipe out all humans. In the comics, he is a Nuhuman and wants to wipe out all non-Nuhumans. Applied to the series, it is part of Najma’s plan to free the Noor dimension on Earth and thus kill all non-jinns. So Kamran does not work for an organization here, but for his family.

Kamran wants Kamala to help him in the comics, which is also the case in the series. Kamran argues in the Marvel Model that Kamala is wasting her powers helping people who will never accept her, referring to both Kamala’s ethical background and Kamala’s existence as a supernatural being.

So in the comics, you can definitely call Kamran a villain. In the series, however, his story was changed. He wanted to prevent his family from attacking Kamala. He is significantly more vulnerable than his comic book counterpart. But the death of his mother, Najma, could tip the scales.

Completely abandoned and without his family, Kamran finds himself caught in the crossfire of Damage Control at the end of the fifth episode. Thus are laid the foundations of a misanthropic vision. It also looks like Kamran will become a super villain in the series.

The finale will be released on Disney+’s What’s New program on July 13, 2022, and we’ll have an explanation. On the Marvel side, “Thor: Love and Thunder” also made its debut in German cinemas. We list you all the new Marvel!

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