Telefónica has won two new lawsuits related to the piracy of audiovisual content related to its television platform. According to one of these judgments, the operator can request other telecommunications companies to block pirated websites, which must be done within a maximum of three hours after notification of a new listing.

Thus, LaLiga and Movistar Plus+ have won a joint lawsuit filed by both companies in the Commercial Court n. 19 of Barcelona, ​​which allows them to gain weekly access to domains that facilitate the piracy of content of the most important football tournament in Spain lock out.

According to the plaintiffs, this protective measure is necessary because “numerous cases of digital piracy, which blatantly affect the exploitation of their rights”, have been uncovered through the use of “various models of piracy of audiovisual content on the Internet, in particular sports content”, as in the Judgment of July 25, 2022 executed.

The court-approved measure is called “Dynamic Blocking” because it is applied weekly with the new identifiers of URLs, domains and IP addresses, without the need to notify the court beforehand. The ruling is valid until the 2024/2025 season and comes into effect from the week of August 8, before LaLiga football begins on August 12.

This judicial mandate is consistent with two other previous ones, the one established on February 11, 2020 by the Commercial Court No. 7 of Madrid and that of December 21, 2021 by the Commercial Court No. 6 of Barcelona, ​​​​which activated a similar protection mechanism. According to the operator, this will promote the consolidation of case law that strengthens the legal instruments for combating piracy with regard to the sustainability of the exploitation of LaLiga content.

Football is an important content for Telefónica, in which it invests heavily every year. In LaLiga alone, the annual accounts are around 800 million euros.

On the other hand, Movistar Plus+ has received another similar verdict, requiring telecom operators to access the Internet in Spain every week to block access to domains that facilitate the piracy of audiovisual content on this television platform.

This was agreed by the Judge of the Commercial Court No. 6 of Barcelona in the judgment of July 27, 2022, with the aim of “obtaining the blocking of the websites through which they would infringe intellectual property rights”.


The sentence, which is also valid for three seasons until the end of the football championships of the 2024/25 season, also points out that the blocking must take place within a maximum of three hours from the announcement of the news list that a judicial filing is not necessary.

In this way, all the content of Movistar Plus+, including channels like #0 and #Vamos; Originals like Rapa, La Unidad, La Fortuna, Hierro, El Embarcadero, La Peste and While the war lasts; programs like La Resistencia and Illustrious Ignorants; Movistar LaLiga, UEFA Champions and Europa League will be shown in addition to the content of the OTTs with which Movistar has agreements such as Mitele, La Liga Sports.

This judgment of the Commercial Court No. 6 of Barcelona is also consistent with the above-mentioned decision of the Commercial Court No. 7 of Madrid of February 11, 2020, which allowed a similar protection mechanism and consolidated this case law to combat piracy.

According to data collected by the Observatory on Piracy and Digital Content Consumption Habits 2020, prepared by the independent consultancy GfK, there were 5,239 million illegal accesses to content worth €30,892 million in 2020, with a loss for the sector of 2,416 Millions. Eight out of ten consumers believe that blocking access to websites with illegal content is the most effective measure against piracy. A scenario without piracy would create 130,318 direct and indirect jobs.

Other commercial novelties from LaLiga

pubs. Yesterday, LaLiga announced various improvements to its TV product for bars in Spain, LaLigaTV Bar, which, in addition to LaLiga Santander and LaLiga Smartbank, also features UEFA competitions and DAZN Bar content on Movistar, Orange, Agile, Mediapro and Avatel. Mahou San Miguel is added to this new impetus as it can reach the Spanish hospitality industry.

China. In addition, LaLiga and media and technology company Streamline will develop the LaLiga Plus application for broadcasting LaLiga Santander and LaLiga SmartBank in China from the following 2022/23 season. “LaLiga Plus, the new application presented by LaLiga and Streamline, will connect Chinese fans to LaLiga Santander and LaLiga Smartbank starting this season. is applications will offer fans different packages via one model freemium which will combine free and paid games,” the contest explained.

contents. with this new one applications You can see LaLiga Santander’s 380 games and, for the first time in China, LaLiga Smartbank’s 462 games and promotion playoffs.

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