Celta’s president believes Suárez “betrayed” her and that he acted wrongly in not terminating Mina’s contract


The president of RC Celta, Carlos Mouriño, was very critical of Denis Suárez and Santi Mina this Thursday, “two players who affect the image of the club” and of whom he is clear, “the ones who made the mistake have them” and not the club, although their situation affects them when it comes to signings.

“We’re not going to fire them so they can count the amortization in the salary cap for this year, none of them are affecting me to be able to sign another player. The ones who made the mistake were them, not Celta. We won’t reward that,” Mouriño said at a press conference called to address both situations.

The leader admitted that “between Denis and Santi Mina, they take 20 percent of the entire squad” in terms of the weight of their salaries. “I won’t go into detail about how this will affect the squad, but it affects us very much. We won’t be able to strengthen the squad in the way we envisioned,” he warned.

The Galicia team boss has been very tough on the midfielder, who he says “his only aim is to discredit Celta” and that he has committed “a betrayal of the club, the institution and the quarry”.

“There was one player who spent a year running a huge smear campaign against the club on his social media, in unconfirmed information and in opinion,” said Mouriño, who described Suárez’s situation as “irreversible”.

The Celtic president reported that they “more or less” had a problem, “not with him, with all the players who belonged to an agency”, including Iago Aspas. “We are looking for a correct and friendly solution. Two days after the incident, most of the players we hugged stayed with Celta and not with the representation agency that Denis (Suárez) had,” he warned.

The decision the midfielder then made was not well received by the club. “Calling him by his name makes us feel very betrayed with this operation,” he said. Since then, the club has been looking for a way out for the footballer. “Denis had a whole year to find a team, but he wanted to be free and didn’t do it. We won’t help him anymore, it’s over for us,” he said.

“What Denis is doing forces us to fire him”

“We sent him four offers from teams and some paid him more than Celta, but as they benefited us because he charged a player or swapped him for another, he turned them all down. There was a team that paid him 12 million euros net in three years and he refused it because it harmed Celta. In another team that played in the Champions League and offered us a certain player exchange, he asked for a millionaire so that the operation would not be carried out. There was no way he wanted to leave. ‘ Mouriño said.

For the president, the midfielder “doesn’t want to leave” because he wants to “exclusively force” him to go to another team on a free transfer “to make more money”. “What Denis is doing is forcing us to fire him and he can get a price for betraying Celta. I won’t let that happen or agree, I’ll fight it,” he said.

The leader made it clear that it was “an enormous lie”, that the player was very offended at being separated, which Mouriño describes as “an enormous lie” and that “he’s doing 70 percent the same as the others, but he plays the victim”.

“Let him do what he wants to do, sue us, keep promoting, move his social media, we won’t move. Denis won’t leave Celta if it’s not about Celta accepting a transfer. There is a contract to fulfill, we pay him and he stays,” he said.

In this respect, it is clear to him that “in the first league game” he will go to Balaídos “no matter what” with Denis Suárez “with his head held high” for the decisions he has made, even if they “cost him something” because they were the right ones for the club.


The president of the Vigo team also appreciated the case of Santi Mina, who was recently reinstated at the club after being convicted of sexual abuse. “As in the case of Denis, we won two teams for him to play outside of Spain, but he wants to play freely, we return to reward those who do poorly,” he lamented.

“I’m not going to terminate his contract and pay him whatever he wants to join the same team that I offered him. This situation is just as irreversible as Denis’s,” said Mouriño, when asked why he wasn’t was there, said the contract had a clause terminating the player if convicted, acknowledging his mistake. “It was my duty to take that precaution, but I didn’t do it,” he confessed.

“It’s something I wonder about too. We got very carried away at the time. He was a player who had serious doubts, he and his lawyers convinced us that he hadn’t done anything and that they wanted to blackmail him. At this one retrieval operation I was wrong, when I think about what happened later I admit it,” he noted.

The striker is currently training “with the others”. “He has a sentence that is not final and he has the same rights as the others. We will continue to pay him at this point, but he has caused us serious harm and we will make the necessary claims when the penalty is final,” he defined.

Regarding the possibility of resolving his contract situation at short notice, Mouriño does not hide the fact that this is “a problem”. “If I terminate him, I have to pay him the whole contract, then I reward him. He makes a mistake, I pay him the three-year contract and tomorrow he signs with another team. That’s not feasible in any company.” we won’t do it,” he stressed.

Finally, the president left the coach Eduardo Coudet out of these situations, whose opinion he describes as “very valid as long as he doesn’t interfere in the decisions of the board”. “We have a great relationship with Coudet, but there are things that are exclusive to the club and that nobody can intervene in. He has our full support, he runs the team, but there are things that he cannot intervene in.” , he said finished.

Source europapress.es

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