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‘Most Viral’ Yailin Explained Why Anuel AA Had Incredible Weight Loss

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June 27, 2022 at 1:52 p.m.

Anuel AA impressed all his followers and fans with his new facet, as he had an amazing weight loss. Yailin made a ‘live’ on his Instagram, a very common problem from his account to interact with the browsers of this social network; both the husbands explained the reasons.

There, several haters asked “most viral” questions about her partner, because there was a lot of speculation that the Puerto Rican had an illness and also because they said it was because of her breakup with Karol G, a problem that bothered the Dominican.

The ‘Chivirika’ singer went on about Anuel’s weight cut, saying, “Emma wants to be slim, she says she looks younger like that (…) We’ll also at the gym.” Then the Puerto Rican approached and assured that he didn’t want the clothes to be loud because he didn’t want the outfits to be ‘loud’.

Later, Yailin also said that they will continue to exercise, “they will join the gym” to stay in line, because “this tagging and this lipo can’t go away because we eat too much”.

Although it seems like they said it with a tinge of reality, the two artists seemed really insecure in stating all of these aspects. Time will tell if this initiative of the couple of the urban genre, which found an echo in the networks, bears fruit.

For some time now, the famous trap and reggaeton singer has been uploading different types of content on his Instagram in which he has been seen with his new “look” which shows off his new build.

Even in the fragments of his recent concert in Spain, you can see a new Anuel AA, totally transformed and who is serious about taking on his new lifestyle.

Source metroecuador.com

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