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Most Brits think Russia sanctions don’t go far enough, Sky News poll reveals

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Russian-Ukrainian couple restart their life in Hungary

STORY: Mikhail Liublin and Valeriia Nikolaieva had only been dating for a couple of weeks when they were forced to flee kyiv. Nikolaieva is Ukrainian. Ljubllin is Russian. LJUBLIN: “I represent a perhaps small or not so small population of Russians who do not support Russian policy, who do not support the Russian president and government, and who basically want to pay and take responsibility for what Russia has done.” The couple arrived in Budapest, Hungary after a five-day trip. Ljubllin’s Russian nationality added to the difficult situation. NIKOLAIEVA: “At first, when we met and I found out he was Russian, it was a bit weird, but nothing serious , however, when the war started, it was a different story because there was a lot of distrust of the Ukrainians towards the Russians and he was afraid because he told him that he would not be wanted in these circumstances”. It is still difficult for them to relax in the security of their new They cringe at the sudden noises and police sirens LYUBLIN: “I hope we are in a safe country where we can build a new life, settle down and wait until all this madness is over” LYUBLIN and Nik Olaieva are two of an estimated 2.7 million people, according to the UN refugee agency, who have fled Ukraine. They both have professions that could take them anywhere in Europe. But one day they hope to return to Ukraine.

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