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Moroccan justice issues its sentences in the “sex by points” case

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The Settat Court of First Instance handed down several judgments in what became known in the media as the “dotted sex” case.

On Tuesday, the Court of First Instance of Settat (south of Casablanca) sentenced two teachers to prison sentence and acquitted others.

The president of the session delivered a sentence sentencing Mr. M. to one and a half years in prison and a fine of 7,000 dirhams, while Mr. M. was sentenced to one year in prison and a fine of 5,000 dirhams.

As for the professors “Mohamed, B” and “Khaled, R”, they were acquitted of the charges against them in the case that shook the pillars of the Moroccan University, after which the corresponding ministry launched a cell of listen and follow up. .

In the related public lawsuit, the court ruled that the lawsuits filed by civil plaintiff “Q, S” lacked jurisdiction to decide them.

Regarding the civil lawsuits filed by the two civil rights plaintiffs “N, K” and “K, K”, the defendant, Mr. “M”, was ordered to pay compensation for each of them of 60,000 dirhams .

The Criminal Chamber of the Court of Appeal in Settat confirmed on Monday the initial verdict against a university professor who was being persecuted on charges of indecent assault on a woman.

The Chamber sentenced MM, an economics professor at Hassan I University in Settat, to two years in prison.

The defense of the accused professors in the university harassment file rejected the media commotion that accompanied the case since its outbreak.

The details of the file return, after conversations were leaked, including a pornographic letter in which a conversation took place between a teacher and a student in which the former asked about the remuneration that the student and her classmates would make to exchange for aid provided. for them, it is nothing more than a sexual relationship.

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