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More violence? Leonidas Iza’s warning to President Guillermo Lasso

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The seventh day of demonstrations in the Ecuador ended with the statement caution from President of CONAIE, Léonidas Iza. The indigenous representative pointed out that throughout the year there have been calls for the 10 demands to be heard and now that they are not, mobilizations have been chosen.

He pointed out that several communities will join the mobilizations in Quito. Iza warned Lasso that it is in her hands that the violence escalates or that peace is achieved.

“Our brothers from the different provinces have also declared that they can accompany the massive marches in the city of Quito. It is in your hands, Mr. President of the Republic: escalate the violence or solve the 10 points.

“It would bring peace and dignity to the Ecuadorian people. With this having practically concrete answers to concrete problems, the structural problems will not be solved, but it would give peace of mind to survive”.

He also crossed out that if the militarization of the cities continues, the National Strike will continue until the last consequences.

“If you continue to militarize the cities, continue to try to establish the dictatorship based on all these elements, then the Ecuadorian people will support it (national strike) until the last consequences.”

Finally, during his statement, he urged the rectors of the universities to open the doors of the institutions so that people who arrive in Quito can rest. He underlined his concern about what happened this Sunday, June 19 at the Maison de la culture.

“Our struggles should not be confused with vandalism. Rectors, we call for unity and open the universities so that our people can rest.

“We saw with total concern what happened at the Maison de la culture and in other bodies. Surely you are establishing dictatorship in this country and with it comes state violence,” completed.

Although the approximate number of indigenous arriving in the capital has not been specified, since last Thursday several caravans of vehicles have entered Quito and the presence of demonstrators in the south of the city has intensified, blocking the roads and causing excesses in commercial premises and circulating vehicles.

Source metroecuador.com

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