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More trouble for Beyoncé’s new album: Withdraw a fragment of a song accused of plagiarism

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Problems pile up on Beyoncé’s new album. Just five days after its release Renaissance He already had to re-record a song heated, because it contains a word allegedly offensive to people with disabilities. Now another song has to deal with the controversy. The fifth cut Energy, was accused of plagiarizing a fragment of the song milkshake (2003), by singer Kelis, who accuses the star of “stealing.” In response, Beyoncé removed this snippet from the song on digital platforms.

It all started with a post from producer Jarred Jermaine on his TikTok account where he plays eight rehearse (Music Fragments) that Beyoncé took from songs by other artists to modify and include in her new album. A common practice in the music industry and it usually doesn’t cause any problems, as Beyoncé herself did with the first single Renaissance, break my soul which is the base of versioned show me love (1993), by Robin S.

On that occasion, the singer Kelis, also American, described this practice as “theft” during a live broadcast on her Instagram account. “Nothing is as it seems, some people in this business have no soul or integrity and have fooled everyone,” the artist added. Kelis not only hit out at Beyoncé, but also at writers and songwriters. Pharrel Williams and Chad Hugo, a duo working under the moniker The Neptunes, were the composers and producers of Kelis’ first three albums, but she feels they “cheated” her by not crediting her as the author of theirs recorded songs, so they don’t have any legal rights to their songs and they own their music.

“I know what I have and what I don’t have. I also know the lies that were told. I also know the things that were stolen,” Kelis said on Instagram. “People are being scammed, without rights, it happens all the time, and that happened especially back then.” Both Williams and Hugo are credited energy, while Kelis was left out. As amends and to avoid further controversy with her first album in six years, Beyoncé decided to cut that part of the song for now.

In a few days the data will be released showing how the record is doing Renaissance in listening. Beyoncé then hopes to find some joy in a release that has been giving her a headache.

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