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More than 700 people in situations of human trafficking and exploitation have been assisted by the Red Cross so far this year

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A total of 710 people in a situation of human trafficking and sexual exploitation have been treated so far this year by the Red Cross, which has noticed an increase in this scourge and warns that if the same trend continues, the number of services will be exceeded from 2021, the amounted to 1,384 people.

As the World Day Against Human Trafficking is celebrated this Saturday, the Red Cross is calling for a comprehensive anti-trafficking law that would cover all people (adults and minors) who find themselves in these situations of any form of exploitation.

Of the 710 people cared for, 263 are women in sexual exploitation, 198 of them of Moroccan origin; another 362 are people in a trafficking situation for the purpose of sexual exploitation: 6 men, 12 sons and 2 daughters of mothers in a trafficking situation and 342 women, of whom 86 are Colombian and 25 are Spanish.

In addition to the situation of human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation, for the purpose of labor exploitation, 12 men and 12 women, mainly nationals of Ivory Coast, were assisted by the Red Cross, as well as another 8 for illegal activities ( 3 men, 4 women and one girls), 4 Senegalese men for begging and a young Syrian woman for forced marriage.

The organization denounces that human trafficking is a violation of human rights that requires coordinated local and global action, and therefore highlights that for 20 years it has provided specialized interventions for people in this situation, most of them migrant women.

For this reason, the Red Cross, which is part of the Spanish anti-trafficking network, is campaigning for a comprehensive anti-trafficking law that covers all people (adults and minors) who have been through these situations in any form of exploitation an intersectional gender approach.

It also calls for the extension and strengthening of protective measures, especially for the most vulnerable, many of whom are in an irregular situation.

Source europapress.es

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