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More than 450 European and local leaders gather at the first Rural Pact conference

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More than 450 European Union (EU) political representatives, national and local, met between 15 and 16 June at the first Rural Pact Conference, where they agreed on the Pact’s leadership and made a commitment to development rural to work areas of the EU.

During these two days, the European Committee of the Regions (CDR), along with other participants and members of the Rural Pact community, made commitments to make the EU’s rural areas “stronger, more connected, more resilient and more prosperous”. 2040,” it said in a statement.

The Rural Pact is an initiative to achieve long-term goals for rural areas in the EU, adopted by the European Commission in June 2021.

It is a collaborative space between authorities and stakeholders to work and collaborate on rural development at European, national, regional and local levels

The CDR was one of the first institutions to call for a rural pact that brings together all rural actors to promote the recovery and equitable development of Europe’s regions.

The committee will contribute to the work of the Rural Pact by monitoring the impact of new legislative proposals on rural communities, promoting coordination based on the Common Agricultural Policy, Cohesion Policy, the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism and other EU policy investments challenges in rural areas and to support the participation of its members and all local and regional authorities in the platform.

“In these difficult times, it is more important than ever that we all work together to ensure no region is left behind,” said Ulrika Landergren, Chair of CDR’s Natural Resources Commission, noting that “an agenda for European… rural community to improve urban-rural integration and revitalize rural communities”.

Rural Pact Conference participants who attended the workshops submitted more than 40 pledges addressing specific issues encountered in rural communities and areas.

The European Commission will facilitate the establishment and operation of the Rural Pact and help monitor progress in implementing the commitments.

In addition, the EC will take other measures such as: B. the launch of a website later this year to provide a single entry point for all activities, including the Rural Revitalization Platform, and the establishment of the EU Rural Observatory to provide more detailed data on economic and demographic trends in rural areas areas in the EU as a basis for formulating rural development policies.

Source europapress.es

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