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More children with obesity in the first year of the pandemic

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Stuttgart/Erfurt (dpa/th) – In the first year of the coronavirus pandemic
in Thuringia more primary school children due to severe overweight

The number of new cases of obesity in children
Age between five and nine years in 2020 by 26 percent
increased, the DAK-Gesundheit health insurance company said. the
is well above the national figure with an increase of 16

For children ages 10 to 14, the number of treatments has increased
Thuringia increased by three percent. In the age group between 15 and
17 years, however, have been reduced by a quarter.

For their report, the scientists evaluated, among other things, the
Bielefeld University anonymized on behalf of the cash register
Accounting data of some 16,000 children and young people up to 17 years of age
years in Thuringia, who were insured with the DAK-Gesundheit.
According to the information, the data was based on five percent of all
Children and youth in Thuringia. are with respect to
Representative of age and sex distribution of Thuringia.

Psychological consequences

Even with depression, the corona pandemic had weeks of
Learning at home and temporary school closures negative
It had an impact on the children. 2020 will be about eight percent more
Girls and boys between ten and 14 years old for the first time
been medically treated for depression – a development against
the national trend with a decrease of three percent. At
In Thuringia, on the other hand, there was an age group of 15 to 17 years.
a drop of about 6 percent.

Overall, the data showed an urgent need for action on
some areas of child and adolescent health, explained the
Head of State of DAK-Gesundheit, Marcus Kaiser. they should
mental health, healthy eating and exercise are important
Role playing game.

less alcohol consumption

Alcohol abuse, on the other hand, played into the figures from the health insurance company.
a minor role during the first year of the corona pandemic
than the previous year. She had 15 percent fewer young people because
Alcohol abuse treated in hospitals or doctor’s offices
Will. The national average is even 28 percent less
condition. Treatments also left for cannabis use
in Thuringia by 19 percent.

Fewer contacts and more hygiene precautions also had one
positive side effect: the number of infectious diseases treated
in children and adolescents decreased compared to 2019
17 percent

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