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Montero resists “patriotism lessons” from energy edict merchants with PP “looking for additional problems”

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The Minister of Finance and Public Functions, María Jesús Montero, this Thursday opposed the reaction of merchants and energy-intensive industries to the measures related to Royal Decree-Law 14/2022 on energy saving, which she described as “a lesson in patriotism”. . , compared to the attitude he ascribes to the PP, a party he has accused of “looking for an additional problem, for every government response it brings a new problem and so on ad infinitum”.

During an interview with the media following a meeting with the Mayor of Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz), Mamen Sánchez, when asked about the controversy surrounding the Energy Saving Decree, Montero directed his first words to “acknowledge and congratulate the merchants “. as patriotism and for showing “common sense” in following the rules.

“It contrasts with those who have to set it in motion,” affirmed the finance minister, assessing the PP’s response with that of the sectors affected by the energy spending control measures, confident that the beneficiaries of the measures understand the royals Legislative decree called “savings in the accounts of their companies, the rational use of energy” with the aim of “preventing major consequences in the future”.

The figure of the leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has again been the subject of allegations from the government, which has warned that “we take note of Mr Feijóo to enforce his criteria”, which he has concluded that “he not up to the task of national leader’, and consequently asked him to ‘put his party in order’ after alluding to the various statements made by the Mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, or the President of the Madrid Republic Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, to whom he has criticized “the refusal of the flag to go to the Spanish government”, after recalling that “the PP had proposed similar measures”.

The minister has decried the practice of “denying” the PP, a party she says “was never up to the task”, behavior she has attributed to it during the pandemic or the war to invade Ukraine for Russia, to conclude that “it doesn’t lend a hand, it answers no, it behaves like an anti-system party”.

Montero has argued that the adoption of austerity measures is part of a community strategy, “it is a decision within the framework of the European Union”, only to emphasize that “President Sánchez fought to achieve a reduction lower than that of others countries, 7% compared to 15% in other countries” to recall that it is a question of “establishing all contingency plans to counter the aggression that Mr. Putin is causing”.

“It is common sense to implement measures to save the bill,” said the minister, who believed that “it is not declared that the main opposition party, without even having read the decree, opposed appropriate measures”.

Montero has argued that the government conducted the “dialogue from the first moment” in such a way that the municipalities were entrusted with “monitoring the application of the decree” and invited them to “provide proposals for the package of measures that will be taken be applied next autumn to avoid gas supply difficulties.

The Treasury Secretary appeals to “common sense, everyone together” with the expectation of having to “prevent future problems by taking the bull by the horns” to defend that “dialogue always, but always compliance with the law” if one argues that “the law must be the same for all” and that “administrations must ensure its observance” and that “merchants are up to what this country needs”.


Source europapress.es

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