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Mónica Naranjo voices the villain from “Minions.” The Origin of Gru’: “I’ve always dreamed of dubbing an animated character”

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Illumination Animation Studio returns to theaters this friday july 1st With “Minions. The Origin of Gru’. This is the second spin-off of the saga “Gru. My Favorite Villain, which tells the origins of the protagonist of the franchise, who has to face a team of super villains, the Wild Six, led by Donna Disco, dubbed by the singer in her Spanish and Catalan versions Monica Naranjomaking its debut in the dubbing world.

“A dream come true, I’ve always wanted to voice an animated character“, explains the artist from Figueras in an interview with Europa Press, in which accompanied by Florentino Fernandez, a veteran in the dubbing of the saga, emphasizes that “it’s happening on the big screen” where the public can enjoy “Minions” to the fullest. The Origin of Gru’.

A sequel to The Minions, this second spin-off in the franchise chronicles how Gru began dreaming of becoming the world’s most fearsome villain. “I wondered what he was like, what his role would be in this movie where the minions are still the protagonists. In the film you can see he’s very restless, he really wants to do things, he’s not stuck in one place, he’s evolving and learning. This proposal allows us to see how Gru and the Minions get to know each other and try to achieve the most absolute villainy“Explains Fernández, remembering that although they’re the bad guys, they’re ‘loveable’.

For Naranjo and Fernández, they are more than villains, “they are evil people playing pranks”. “The big difference between the villains and the good characters is that the antagonists have complete freedom to do whatever they want and nobody tells them anything.except the law. Good people don’t do that because they know there are codes and they argue. That the villains do not differ. But there is more to this film than a villain, what you see are more pranks,” the actor reveals. “It’s all very white, very naive‘ adds the singer and actress.

That’s what attracts the most, especially for children, because it’s punches, punches, laughter. It’s a part of the villainy that’s very cool. We like the bad guys more than the bad guys“Fernandez continues. “These are those little things that children would do, they are devils. That’s why they like it,” says Naranjo.


A feature film with which the factory of other hits like ‘Mascotas’ or ‘Sing!’ tries to lure family audiences back to the cinemas. “They have a lot of currado. The lighting created some scenes with incredible visual effects, like the time of the hunt. I’ve never seen anything like this in animation, you can’t miss a detail. That’s why you have to see it in the cinema,” stresses Naranjo.

It has incredible sound that can only be enjoyed on the big screen. It’s important to go to the movies to have that experience, to be with the popcorn, with the drink, with the music. It’s the best way to enjoy it“Adds Fernández. On the other hand, Naranjo managed to blend into her character and give the villain a unique personality.

“It was wonderful. I fell in love with Donna Disco the moment I was introduced to her. It’s a very bad one that has a lot of rhythm. She has gorgeous Afro hair and tons of style. It was impossible to say no. It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.orange says.

Directed by Kyle Balda and written by Brian Lynch and Matthew Fogel, “Minions. The Origin of Gru’ It is produced by Chris Meledandri, Janet Healy and Chris Renaud. In its Spanish dubbing it has the voices of Mónica Naranjo and Florentino Fernández, while in its original English version it has Steve Carell, Taraji P. Henson, Michelle Yeoh, RZA, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Lucy Lawless in its cast. , Dolph Lundgren, Danny Trejo, Russell Brand, Julie Andrews, and Alan Arkin. In both versions, Pierre Coffin, director of the previous four films in the saga, lends his voice to the Minions.


Source europapress.es

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