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Moderna: more doses, sales of its CEO and three-in-one vaccine

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Moderna: more doses, sales of its CEO and three-in-one vaccine

Just as we are seeing with the almost more than sad month of Russia’s war on Ukraine, companies evolve in the heat of the conjunctural consequences that arise. One of the clearest cases in the pandemic has undoubtedly been, to study at universities, that of Moderna, the small business in Massachusetts that has carved a niche most relevant in the global anti-Covid vaccine market, as the second supplier of western countries.

And it is that, at present, Modern accounts for 17% of all vaccines administered in the European Union and the 37% of the dose given in the United States. And although, the near future is already thought with the pandemic in epidemic mode, or perhaps because of that, Moderna continues to enjoy very significant revenue forecasts due to Covid-19 and its persistence.

for now Nor are the experts clear about what the demand will be in 2022 and 2023 in this transition to the epidemic level, although of course, given the abundance of the virus, the situation of uncertainty could change at any time. This is what has happened in China, where this vaccine is not inoculated, but it serves as an advance, such as being the first country where hypertension is detected for what may be to come. Although Moderna has already pointed out that in the northern hemisphere the pandemic moves with greater stability.

With respect to a Pfizer, despite its lower level of market penetration, your earnings are complete While in the case of its rival, it must share the economic benefits of the vaccine in equal parts with the German BioTech. In its listing, however, Pfizer clearly wins the game over Moderna, since the Cambridge company also resurfaced yesterday after announcing A program to plan a vacuum combination for protection against Covid-19, influenza and syncytial virus.

A) Yes recovers a significant 23% in the last five trading sessionsin which it is below 25.6%, however, it maintains the strong cuts in the quarter of 32% and so far this year it falls by 28.3%.

Modern annual value quote

Modern annual value quotation

At the moment the company’s forecasts, without the United States, they are a sales project of around 19,000 million dollars, to which are added 3,000 million more on agreements already signed. In the American case, the last order was placed in April and, at the moment, a new agreement for the fall has not been signed. All this on the table because tomorrow we will know news on the company’s long-awaited Vaccine Day.

From Moderna they are already seeking the approval of the fourth vaccine in the United States of which see it at a grant from the FDA, the second booster for people over 18. It must be remembered that, in Europe, the first doses of the vaccine, preferably from Pzifer, were accompanied by a third booster from Moderna, to increase its effectiveness. has also started recruitment for its phase 1 trial of the messenger RNA vaccine against the HIV virus.

while we have known the divestments of its CEO Stephane Bancel throughout the pandemic, of up to 408 million dollars, with an average of 3.6 million dollars in shares sold each week. In total, a total of 2.8 million shares of the year 2020.

As soon as a Tipranks recommendation of the 14 analysts that follow the value 5 choose to buy, 8 to hold and one to sell, with an average price target that reaches 267.45 dollars per share, which gives a path to the value of 47.53%.

Modern recommendations and valuable objectivity

Modern recommendations and valuable objectivity

for Cowen the arrival of the endemic phase will wait up to two years, with which a higher demand for Moderna shares is expected and also lasting, due to the emphasis of the new variants of the Covid. yesYou recommend it the same as the market with a target price of the value of 200 dollars per share.

While, from Jefferies is advised to keep the value in the portfolio with a target price of $170. Much further places the precious potential of its Piper Sandler shares: up to 348 dollars with a recommendation to overweight market value.

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