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Model who lost both legs to Covid complications ‘happy to be home’ after more than two months in hospital

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Claire Bridges, a young woman from Florida who had both her legs amputated due to complications from covid-19 (Bridges family via GoFundMe)

An aspiring model from Florida who had her legs amputated after becoming infected with Covid-19 has returned home from the hospital in time for her 21st birthday.

Claire Bridges, from St Petersberg, Florida, was admitted to the Tampa hospital on January 16 of this year with severe leg pain and coronavirus, according to a GoFundMe page set up by her family.

Although fully vaccinated, she was born with a serious heart condition, leading to serious Covid complications that stopped her heart and ultimately forced doctors to amputate both of her legs.

But now his father, Wayne Bridges, has told him news week that he had been able to go home and spend his birthday on Saturday with his loved ones.

Mr Bridges said: “She is very happy to be home with family and friends. We had a cookout for her on Saturday, which was her birthday. We are happy to get her out of hospital life and into her mother’s home and more comfortable surroundings.

“It’s been mentally and emotionally draining, but we’re hopeful now. She faces more challenges, but we’re focused on having her home today.”

Ms Bridges is now preparing to receive prosthetic legs, partially funded by 50 Legs, a charity group, and physical and occupational therapy to learn how to use them in everyday life.

As of Tuesday afternoon, her family’s GoFundMe page had raised around $39,000 (£29,600) to cover her recovery and medical expenses, while another page set up by her roommate and colleague at the coffee shop where worked had raised over $105,000 (£79,530).

In a Facebook post last week, Bridges said: “Two months to the day this all started and Claire, for the first time, sat alone! It may not sound like much, but for this warrior it’s a huge win!

“It looks like our warrior girl will be returning to her mother’s house today for the rehab phase of her journey. Claire Bridges, I am so proud of you and inspired by you. You have overcome more in two months than any of us could imagine in a lifetime. You’ll be climbing again before you know it.”

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