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Minister: Could use EU money to help Ukraine

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Lower Saxony and Bremen
Minister: Could use EU money to help Ukraine

With help for the people of Ukraine, the federal states also face an economic burden. Lower Saxony’s Minister for Europe brings into play a new source of funding.

Hannover (dpa / lni) – The state government of Lower Saxony is examining the use of unused EU funds for aid to Ukraine. “The Commission has decided that these remaining funds can also be used to help Ukraine,” Europe Minister Birgit Honé told Nordwest-Zeitung. Her house is currently exploring what sums are involved, and then deciding how the money should be used. It has not yet been decided whether the Ukrainian war refugees in Lower Saxony will also benefit from this, the SPD politician explained.

With a view to Ukraine’s accession to the EU, the minister spoke out against direct admission of the country to the confederation of states. Joining the EU “is not a matter of months,” Honé said. “Such a process requires careful consideration, thorough discussion and the consent of all member states. And: we must not keep the phosphorus in the dynamite barrel.” The first thing to do is to support Ukraine and alleviate the suffering of the people.

Lower Saxony’s immigration officer, Doris Schröder-Köpf, again called for help for refugees from Ukraine. “I am often asked how to react to this. So my recommendation is: just help, just do it!” the SPD politician told “Bunte” magazine. But he also emphasized that there was no compulsion to help. “If someone is working at the absolute limit, they don’t have space and they have little money available, they can’t ask for it.” No one needs to have a bad conscience. But there are many people who could support.

When asked about Russian President Vladimir Putin, he said that their last meeting was about 15 years ago and that the meetings took place “in a different time, yes, in a different world.” In principle, he still does not want to comment on his ex-husband Gerhard Schröder. “The leaders of my party and my prime minister have their opinion about the former foreign minister. That is the appropriate political level,” he said.

The former foreign minister is considered an old friend of Putin. He is also the head of the supervisory board of the Russian state energy company Rosneft. As a result of the war in the Ukraine, Schröder was heavily criticized. Ukraine’s ambassador to Germany, Andriy Melnyk, believes that his efforts to mediate with Putin have failed.

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