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Minions: The Origin of Gru, the childhood of a kid-loved villain, and other movie premieres this weekend

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The minions are back. The yellow creatures that have conquered animated cinema have a new part that delves into Gru’s childhood. The fifth film in the franchise is wholesome, loud entertainment that serves as the seminal title for the character who lends his name to the first few films in the saga. It appeals to a physical and hilarious humor now almost banned from cinema and television: that of the masters of silent film and that of cartoon American, with characters without a voice or with very little dialogue. With SinjarCatalan director Anna Bofarull has decided to talk about shattered existences that continue to feed Islamic fundamentalism. His intentions seem commendable, but his narrative comes across as tepid, inconsistent. Also somewhat forced in the description without the nuances that make up an over the top villain.

in the Mama not in speech, Malena Alterio stars in a funny but inconsistent romantic comedy about mature women and sexual fantasies. Laughing gracefully at the second chance clichés, the film grows with its actresses, including the young Sofía Oria, or in each of the funny moments that appear the new family of the ex-husband whose wife reacts to a funny cartoon . Bergmann’s Island is a luminous Hansen-Løve’s approach to the gloomy territory of the great Swedish filmmaker. A ghost film in which Bergman seems to be looking down – while being adored, condemned and even trivialized – it is never somber, but rather bright, graceful and moving. a maze I will Always Love You full of layers and narrative boldness. Finally, my best friend is a realistic drama that depicts the hellish adventure of a high school student trying to help his sick classmate. Ferit Karahan delivers a scathing treatise on the authority and punishment of children left to their fate in a sinister school program where humiliation replaces pedagogy.

The films were reviewed by Elsa Fernández-Santos, Carlos Boyero and Javier Ocaña and the full review can be read by clicking on the photo.

It’s the 1970s, and Gru is growing up in a residential neighborhood amidst the boom in baggy hairstyles and bell-bottom pants. A die-hard fan of the notorious villainous supergroup The Savage Six, Gru devises a plan to prove to them he’s bad enough to work with them.

Nora Navas, foreground, in a moment in Sinjar.

In Barcelona, ​​Carlota desperately searches for Marc, her teenage son, who ran away from home without a trace. Thousands of kilometers away, Sinjar, the region on the border between Iraq and Syria, is threatened by war.

Clara, mother of two teenagers, is a woman who is open to new experiences and decides to create a profile on Tilink, a dating app. What goes through a twenty-something’s mind when he comes across his own mother’s profile on Tilink, the trending dating app?

Vicky Krieps and Tim Roth in Bergman's Island.

In search of inspiration for their next films, some American filmmakers retreat to the island of Fårö, where Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman lived. As summer progresses and your fascination with the island’s mysterious landscapes grows, the lines between reality and fiction begin to blur.

Yusuf and his best friend Memo are students at a boarding school for Kurdish children and young people in the mountains of Anatolia. When Memo mysteriously falls ill, Yusuf must overcome numerous obstacles in order to help his friend.

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