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Minimalist or classic? What your interior reveals about your personality – according to an expert

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Do you keep it clean and minimalist in your home, or cozy with lots of decorative items? Your furnishing style says a lot about your character.

Hardly anything reflects our personality as strongly as our four walls. Because that’s where we – ideally – feel most comfortable and where we can be completely ourselves. The way we design our home says a lot about us as people. What furnishing style do we prefer? Do we keep it rather spartan or full of lovingly chosen decorative items?

Our personal interior design is therefore closely linked to our character. Based on the “Big Five” personality traits of open-mindedness, conscientiousness, extroversion, empathy and neuroticism, American interior expert Alessandra Wood associated interior styles with character traits. What does the house look like – and do you recognize yourself?

What your furnishing style reveals about your personality

Colorful bohemian style

Your home is colorful, eclectic and full of treasured collectibles. You’re a free spirit who can’t do much with a typical office job. Instead, you love to travel and are always on the go. Memories of your expeditions form the basis of your furnishing style – they are very important to you and should show who you are: an unconventional, open and tolerant person.

Sleek retro design

His absolute favorites are elegant mid-century furniture – either in the expensive designer version or in the original from that time. Aesthetics are important to you in all situations. You are an absolute perfectionist, sometimes you get lost in the details and forget that life is here and now. You are a real organizational talent and always keep an eye on everything.

Minimalist + clear

If you prefer a clean, minimalist style of furnishing, you probably feel there isn’t much room for playful decorations, bright colors, and bric-a-brac within your four walls. Do you know that? Then you probably also have a strong need for peace and order in your mind. They tend to be introverted and enjoy spending time alone or with very select people (or pets). You value efficiency and approach problems in a very analytical way. You sometimes lose a bit of openness in the process.

Country charm

The most important thing for you is that your home looks cozy and welcoming, so is it furnished in a warm country house style? You enjoy being a host and taking care of others. You have your feet on the ground, defend your values ​​and are probably more conventional in your life plan. You also enjoy being around people and are anything but shy, but that doesn’t mean you enjoy being in the limelight. You are more comfortable in the background.

Classic with tradition

Classic furniture, dark wood and perhaps a few heirlooms dominate your four walls? So you, like your establishment, are very traditional. You tend to be conservative and stand up for your values. You are reluctant to leave your comfort zone and are not particularly comfortable with change. At the same time, you are extremely reliable, and your peers appreciate this in you.

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