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Milk or papaya: more than exotic flavor

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In some countries it is known as milk, in others as papaya. No matter what you call it, the truth is that there is hardly anyone who has not tasted its flavor and, therefore, verified the therapeutic property of this fruit.

According to the publication healthy neighbor, papaya or pawpaw contains enough vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin A, potassium and calciumIt even contains more vitamin C than kiwi.

Its high content of vitamin C is important, as it promotes the separation of tissues, neutralizes toxic substances that destroy body cells and strengthens defenses.

antioxidant power

In addition, sugar, resins, organic acids and oils, This fruit is rich in beta-carotene, an antioxidant that gives the pulp an orange color and is responsible for reducing the damage caused by environmental pollutants.; as well as papain, an enzyme that degrades or breaks down proteins, pectins and certain sugars and fats, it therefore promotes digestion and is useful for people with stomach problems or intestines, such as gastritis, colitis, irritable bowel, and chronic constipation.

Heal on the inside, beautify the outside

In many cases, papaya crosses the barriers of popular markets and they are not oblivious to the benefits of this fruit.

In this sense, papaya has the ability to help the body produce more arginine, an essential amino acid that activates cell rejuvenation and restores softness and creaminessand for this reason it is commonly used in dermatological treatments for different skin conditions.

Likewise, and due to its ability to dissolve proteins, it is used to remove warts, corneal ulcers or other blemishes. For example, in epidermal abscesses, papaya latex is used which, in addition to helping healing, dissolves the collagen tissue that prevents proper regeneration in many cases.


Source metroecuador.com

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