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Microsoft announces Cloud for Sovereignty, the cloud for the public sector


MADRID, July 20 (Portaltic/EP) –

Microsoft has announced Cloud for Sovereignty, a data sovereignty cloud specifically designed for public administrations, along with other services designed to help all organizations advance their digitization.

The new edition of Microsoft Inspire, the annual membership event of the company, has focused on the relevance of its ecosystem of business partners and the impact it is having on business and the technology industry.

Microsoft currently has more than 400,000 members, including 11,400 in Spain, which employ more than 22 million people worldwide. And to boost its growth opportunities, the company has introduced new digital solutions.

What’s new is investing in new programs, benefits, and resources to help everyone independent software vendorsregardless of its size, including is 3 percent Marketplace transaction fees, as the company raises in a communication.

The new Digital Contact Center Platform brings together the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform, Microsoft Teams and Nuance – specializing in speech recognition and artificial intelligence – in a single open, extensible and collaborative platform that will help create an enhanced experience for users seeking help, in each channel .

With this platform, independent software vendors will be able to do this Build experiences for your customers, from chatbots to live chat boxes to intuitive AI solutions.

Public administrations are available Microsoft cloud for sovereigntythe cloud purpose-built for the public sector, allowing them to build digital solutions and transform workloads on the Microsoft cloud while complying with government regulations.

Microsoft has also announced this Azure Space partner communityto support its ecosystem of space industry partners including space operators, manufacturers, systems integrators, data providers, independent software vendors and start-ups.


Source europapress.es

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