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Modern technology doesn’t even stop at the beauty industry. There are already many treatments and devices available that are designed to help our body and our health with modern methods. Even microcurrent has now found its way and is supposed to give the face firmer skin and a youthful appearance. In the following article we have described in more detail what is behind microcurrent devices and how they are treated.

What is microcurrent?

The term microcurrent describes a specific current, very low frequency electricity, which is harmless to humans. This frequency was first used by physical therapists to treat athletes and people with chronic pain. This low frequency penetrates not only superficially, but also deep into the body. This way she can cell regeneration and self healing to stimulate. At the same time, the application releases endorphins, which have an analgesic and antibacterial effect on the body.

Wrinkle and blemish therapy

However, it is now also speculated that this low frequency stimulates biostimulation of the body and thus has a detoxification and regeneration effect. In this way, this therapy is said to help against wrinkles and blemishes, since the skin tightens as a result of the stimulation. In addition, beauty products such as creams, body lotions, or facial masks can penetrate the pores better if they are stimulated, and therefore become more breathable.

How does facial microcurrent therapy work?

With microcurrent therapy, the face is massaged with a device that shoots the current under the skin. This stimulates the muscles, opens the pores and maximizes the production of adenosine diphosphate. This endogenous substance is a messenger and ensures the transport processes under the skin. Due to the increase in adenosine diphosphate, more substances can be transported and thus the skin is better supplied with blood, oxygen and important nutrients.

With a single application, the desired anti-aging effect directly visiblebut it only lasts a few hours. That unite lasting result you should carry out the therapy regularly for a longer period of time so that the muscles are trained and defined.

optimal results

For best results, manufacturers recommend using it for 2-3 months. Initially, the therapy should be carried out up to 5 times a week so that the facial muscles quickly get used to the stimulus. Then you can limit the therapy to 3 times a week. It is particularly recommended to combine the application with a subsequent facial cream or mask, since the substances contained are better absorbed at this point.

Immediate anti-aging effect in the morning.

Today there are small microcurrent devices that can be used to do the therapy. himself at home can do. Before use, a gel should be applied to the skin so that the device glides more easily on the face. Then massage your face in slow, regular circles with the device.

It is especially suitable at night or in the morning. At night, the skin can process the therapy while you sleep, recover and strengthen your muscles. In the morning the immediate effect helps Fight bags under the eyes. It is good to know that the therapy can be used as many times as desired. It cannot be harmful to the face, skin or body in any way.

What can microcurrent therapy for face do?

So far there are no clear results and only a few studies on microcurrent therapy and devices. However, based on reports and feedback, testers only have positive things to say and are enthusiastic about microcurrent devices. Therefore, in general, a high success of the therapy can be concluded.

However, it should also be noted that the mere massage with the device already has an influence on the skin of the face. A massage will be stimulated blood flow, which creates a detoxification process and strengthens the tissue. In general, it can only lead to positive results.

not painful

When first used, some testers described the feel as a bit unusual, but overall never painful. You can often feel a tingling or slight pulling on the skin. However, if you use the device for a longer period of time, you will get used to the sensation, and for many users, the therapy usually leads to relaxation.

Side effects are not known and it is generally therapy is very gentle and without any type of chemical agents. A slight reddening of the facial skin after use is normal, since blood circulation is stimulated. If you are unsure about wearing facial piercings or your braces, you can read the instructions or consult your doctor to be sure.

What microcurrent devices are there for the home?

NuFACE Trinity Facial Trainer Set

The first microcurrent device in the test is the NuFACE Trinity facial trainer. Promises firmer skin after the first use. It contains an anti-wrinkle device with three different heads to optimally adapt the application to the different parts of the face.

Also, this device comes with a facial gel, a charging stand, an EU plug and a plug adapter.

The application is simple and is briefly explained with the help of an instruction manual. Overall, more than 80% of users reported smoother skin and improved facial contours. 77% of all users noticed an improvement in their complexion. In this way, the NuFACE set offers a simple and effective facial treatment at home.

Microcurrent devices for the home.

Ziip Beauty Nano Microcurrent Device

ziip beauty nano microcurrent device

The second device that we would like to introduce today is the Nano Microcurrent device from Ziip Beauty. The purchase of this product comes with the device itself, facial gel balm, cleaning cloth and travel case. Charging cables and simple illustrated instructions are also included.

With the nano device, seven different ways of use are possible, which can even be combined with an app and are therefore very easy to use.

Manufacturers promise one rejuvenated and firmer face already after the first application. In addition, a long-term therapy for the lead to an increase in collagencausing a antiaging effect arises Through stimulation, the anti-wrinkle device is said to lead to clearer skin with less pigmentation. The evaluation is very positive and so far 100% of all testers are enthusiastic and would recommend this product to their friends.


Microcurrent has some proven beneficial effects on facial skin. Tissue and blood circulation is stimulated, which stimulates the body’s own detoxification and regeneration process. However, there are no clear studies yet, and if you don’t want to buy expensive gadgets, you can also help your facial skin look healthy and fresh with massages and daily cleansing.

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