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Mhoni Seer’s July 2022 horoscope

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Our favorite psychic tells you what you can expect in July when it comes to fortune, love, work, and what your lucky numbers will be.

Mhoni Vidente reveals all that the month of July has in store for you in terms of work, love and the best rituals that will attract abundance and prosperity for this month. It also tells you which days you’ll be luckiest in, your magic numbers, which signs are most compatible with yours, and which colors will help you keep the sequence right.


Opportunities will come your way during the month of July and you will get a head start on work and your own business. Do not forget that your sign is dominated by the number seven, which allows you to develop better economically, but you must face your problems, make decisions and leave behind bad friendships or interested loves. In your metamorphosis you will finally decide to accept your relationship, you will make it official. You must take care of yourself, because your weak point is the intestine and the ulcers; Learn to eat healthy so you don’t have health problems. An economic surprise arrives with the numbers 21 and 57. Use the color red more. Your magical days this month are the 07, 11 and 20, so get ready to receive pleasant surprises from all points of view. You pay off outstanding debts that will give you peace of mind.


Taurus will realize this month that they need to mature and leave the fun behind. You are committed to fulfilling yourself at work and giving continuity to your studies and unfinished businesses. Your sign likes events and meetings best, but it’s not all about living with others, you must also take time for yourself. Dramatic changes in terms of work, so you must be prepared for a readjustment and a new hire. Your best numbers will be 01 and 31. Purple is your lucky color, try wearing it on Fridays. In love, forget this person who was not for you, do not be stubborn and arm yourself with character; true love will come from the sign of Aquarius, Libra or Sagittarius. Get back to your exercise routine to look your best. Your best days will be the 05, 12 and 23.


During this month, you will make important decisions in your work and university life; your sign likes to grow in all aspects. You decide to open that business you want so much, just try to deal with envy and the evil eye that will be very strong this month. You receive an invitation to go on a trip with your friends, take advantage of it and take in new positive energies. Your best numbers will be 36 and 61. Your colors will be blue and red. Avoid dating two people at the same time and stick with one partner. For single Geminis, it will be a month of many adventures and passionate, non-committal loves. Someone from the fire sign offers you a better job. Days 06, 15 and 30 will be magical and full of pleasant surprises, just be more discreet in everything you do. Taking care of a sexual infection.


Spiritual evolution comes to you in this month of July and there will be 31 days of professional achievements, so you should be ready for any job opportunity. Your sign tracks birthday parties, so you’ll have plenty of invitations to party. Your best numbers will be 10 and 24. Use white and green more, try wearing them on Mondays. Continue with your good attitude towards the future and do not allow negative thoughts to enter. A new love of Pisces or Scorpio is coming who will be very compatible with you. For Cancers in a relationship, this will be a month of great coexistence and union. You will run a highly productive communications and advertising business. You graduate from college and decide to study for a master’s or diploma. Your best days of July will be the 03, 09 and 16.


You will resume your studies this month and you will be in constant personal progress. Your sign is dominated by perfection in work, so there will be clashes with your colleagues. Try to act with caution in all your comments so that they are not used against you later. Don’t forget that Leo is the sign that defends its ideals the most and always tries to be right without the others expressing themselves, so try to be more serene during these 31 days and don’t commit carelessness that you might regret later. You receive an economic prize with the numbers 12 and 22 and your color of abundance is yellow. In love, very compatible couples will come to you, but without a formal commitment. For married Lions, there will be a risk of a breakup this month. You enter a swimming class during the summer.


During the month of July, you will think a lot about your future and securing your assets. It’s your lucky month when it comes to investing, just be more discreet with your job opportunities and don’t fill yourself with envy. You will recharge your positive energies on days 07, 13 and 24. These will be days of good energies around your life, remember that your sign is dominated by successful businesses. You are still very stable in love with your partner and someone very compatible will come to singles. You are the perfect piece in your family, try to help them in whatever they need. You are very passionate in everything you do but you get discouraged; Be more consistent and don’t ask for so many opinions. Do not give up summer classes, especially in sports, which will help you look excellent. Your lucky numbers will be 11 and 32. Wear orange, your color of abundance.


This month you will be lucky economically because money is coming that you did not expect, they are also repaying you a debt that you thought you lost. Your magic numbers for the game will be 43 and 70 and your color is gold. These days you are going to be committed and this will give you greater motivation to make more plans with your life. Remember that the sexual energy dominates you and everything goes better with your partner. Your bosses would test you to see if you are capable of having a better position, so improve your focus in everything you do. Your temper is very strong and you sometimes anger the people who love you, learn to calm down and think about what you are going to say so as not to hurt. Days 08, 11 and 27 will be very good, especially with your work, social security and retirement papers.


July will be for a total change in your way of thinking and a more positive attitude, you are always looking to stand out from everyone around you and this month you will have the opportunity for a better job. Try not to fight with your partner because you can reach the final separation, control your character and not be so impulsive. You are the most charismatic of the zodiac, that’s why you are always in the best social events, I recommend you to start a business and work in public relations, it will help you to succeed. Singles will fall in love again, because Scorpios must always have a stable relationship, if you already have a partner, you decide to talk about marriage. Your lucky numbers are 29 and 44; your color, silver. Your magic days are the 15th, 18th and 29th, they will be very good for making any investment.


In the seventh month there will be a very strong renewal in all your thoughts and actions to become a better person. You will be very lucky as your positive energy is renewed, just be careful not to spend on things you are not going to use. You are going on a trip with your partner and you will also have an outing for work, so organize your time more. Your lucky numbers are 26 and 53 and your colors are blue and yellow. Your weak point will be the kidney and the liver, eat more balanced. Your magical days for making changes in your work and solving legal problems will be the 04, 19 and 21. A loved one is looking for you to invite you to a wedding. Stop looking for excuses for not having a family, a child will change your life for the better. Single Sagittarians will meet people related to their sexual desire, but not their interest in life.


In July there will be abundance for your sign as the energies of wealth will be on your side, don’t hesitate and change your job for a better one or if you intend to start a business, do it because it will be fine for you. Your lucky numbers are 51 and 60, your colors are yellow and orange. Fortune days are 05, 11 and 23. Try not to sabotage your success in your work, remember that your mind is always looking for an obstacle not to continue successfully. You go on a trip with your family, you arrange a legal and notarial affair in the purchase of a property. The weak point you will have is stress and hormones, consult your doctor. In love, it is very difficult to be faithful to your sign, but try not to get in trouble with your partner just for a night of passion, control your sex drive.


In July you will be more active when it comes to work because it is time to build wealth and this month the positive energies will surround you to achieve this, just try not to wait for it by sitting down, be active and go out to seek your success because the stars will be by your side. Your lucky numbers are 02 and 55, your colors are green and blue. You’re dating your partner on a pleasure trip, just try not to drink too much alcohol so you don’t have any raw moral issues later. Your magic days are the 07, 15 and 27, during these weeks you will be up to date with all the legal and tax documents you have pending. You will have a problem from your previous work, try to solve it in the best way. Your weak point is your lower back and waist, if you exercise, be careful not to hurt yourself more.


July will be your best month as the stars will rule in your favor and this will greatly help your sign to grow in all its endeavours. You will show yourself what you are capable of when it comes to work and business. There will also be the signing of a new employment contract which will leave you with more income. They will give you something you never expected from new love. Your lucky numbers are 09 and 42; your colors red and white. You are going to buy a car or a house, remember that your brand is always looking to have a fixed asset for its future. Your weak point is your nerves and work stress, don’t stop exercising because it will help you feel better. Your lucky days are the 8th, 13th and 24th. In love, you will remain very firm with your Cancer and Libra partner. Single Pisces are going to have a month of many new and passionate loves.

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