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Mhoni Seer’s horoscope for the weekend of June 17 to 19, 2022

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Our favorite fortune teller tells you the best horoscope predictions for each sign, your lucky numbers and the best day of the weekend.

Mhoni Seer tells you what awaits you in work, love and fortune. Find out what fate has in store for you in its horoscopes for this weekend.


Many arrears during this Friday, where you will catch up on your credit card payments. It will be a day full of many activities, consider starting a business and some extra work; Aries never says no to money and personal growth. Remember that you shouldn’t trust people so much because betrayals always surround you; Identify your friends well. Take care of nervous and anxiety problems, do not hesitate to consult your doctor. An ex-partner will pick you up to ask you a favor and you will go out to dinner with your friends. You will be lucky with the numbers 03 and 19, it also includes your day of birth. The Aries who has a partner will be very much in love; singles will meet very compatible people. Dress in bright colors to attract love and do not submit to any aesthetic treatment.


Friday many work and school commitments, remember that Taurus are very dedicated to all things in their lives. On weekends, you will miss what you don’t have, your character as a “friend” causes different sentimental problems. Learn to control your impulses and try to have as stable a relationship as possible; do not look for your ex-partner, remember that it is better to be faithful. You will have a stroke of luck with the numbers 19 and 60, associate them with your day of birth. You are invited to a dinner this Saturday, but try not to overindulge in alcohol. Sleep more and leave your WhatsApp a little, you are the Taurus of the zodiac and you need sleep to be strong. Do not get into problems that are not yours, put aside family situations that could affect you. A Virgo or Capricorn love sign will come into your life to stay.


You will leave on a trip this Friday and you will take a few days of vacation; your sign likes to travel a lot and this will help you renew your energies; sun, sand and sea, your perfect complement. You will meet more similar people when it comes to new loves. Take care of vices and alcohol, try to control it, because the problems that lie in wait for you can lead to addictions in your life. You buy clothes to change your look. You can’t forget a past love of Pisces or Scorpio; look at it and speak in peace. You will have a stroke of luck with the numbers 05 and 17. Decide to start this business of your dreams, food or clothing, you will do wonderfully. You buy a cell phone or switch payment plans. Be careful with vehicle accidents, be more careful while driving and regularize all your procedures to avoid violations.


The best stage of your life begins this Friday, especially since your sign is very blessed and positive energies always come together to help you grow. This weekend will be about making decisions in your personal life and changing your attitude; you can’t always see the negative in others, so learn to trust and move forward in love. Saturday to party with your friends, with new clothes for an excellent look. You are looking for a new job to transform your professional life. Sticking to a healthy diet and exercising more, you can’t keep up with these high blood pressure issues. A stroke of luck will enter your life with the numbers 04 and 13. On Sunday to have a divine revelation, try to light a white candle and ask the angels for their protection. During these days you will meet new people in your life.


You will remove all the tensions that have been loaded at work throughout the weekend. Your sign is very sincere and always takes things very personally, which is why I recommend that you disconnect from everything and enjoy these three days; have fun, take a walk in a field to surround yourself with nature. On Friday, you will make card payments and tuition fees. Try to continue exercising and dieting to stay healthy. You receive an invitation to go on a trip, even if it will be very close and it will relax you a lot. In love, you will meet people who are very similar to you, but without a firm commitment. Luck will come to you with the numbers 02 and 11. Your sign is Leo and that makes you a very charismatic being, you just have to avoid being so confident, so as not to have the “evil eye”. It will take you days to solve all your study problems.


You will put all your ideas in order and you will begin to see for your future; Do not forget that your sign is characterized by an easy financial situation, which is why I recommend that you start a family business. Avoid gossip at work and don’t get into trouble that doesn’t belong to you. Your sign is followed by a lot of envy, so always try to protect yourself with some cash in your wallet. You will have a surprise this Friday with a new love that will seek you out. Rest more, you are still living with tension, that’s why go see a doctor. In the lottery, luck will come to you with the numbers 28 and 09. A love from the past will seek your return. The sign of Virgo is that of friendship and service, you provide the best advice to your friends. You can’t stand monotony and you always want to go on a trip to different places.


Weekend to remember someone who is no longer bound to you in love, understand that the best thing about your past relationship is what it let you learn. Friday to have a lot of work, you are invited to dinner to celebrate the birthday of an office colleague. Stop looking for love, let it come alone and you will see that it will be the right person, especially Aries, Gemini or Aquarius. A friend is looking for you to take you on a trip these days. Take care of stomach and intestinal problems because this is your weak point. You will be lucky with the numbers 06 and 21. Remember that you are of the air element and that means you have a mature mindset and always try to plan ahead to feel safe. In love, you are meticulous and very passionate, you always try to have a stable partner.


There will be lots of parties and fun around you this weekend, but try not to neglect your work so you don’t get in trouble with your bosses, that’s why you should control your drinking. Try to save so that later you don’t see yourself in financial difficulty. A love from the past is looking for you just to have sex, so try to analyze this situation well. You will get lucky with numbers 07 and 31. Single Scorpios will have fleeting and passionate love these days. Relatives living abroad are looking for you to invite you to a party. Scorpio always wants to transcend in life, so I recommend you never stop studying, you are a very good person, but when you get angry you are very hurtful, you have to control your impulsiveness to have a greater peace.


This weekend you will be making work decisions, remember that your sign is always looking for autonomy and recognition. Try to take advantage of the upcoming changes to be very well positioned with your superiors. A stroke of luck comes to you with the numbers 15 and 40, use the color blue more to attract abundance. A Leo or Pisces love will come back strong, which is why you need to be at peace with your love life and focus on one partner. Sagittarians are fire and it’s very difficult to have a single relationship, but it’s time to mature. Be careful on the streets especially with robberies, be more careful. On Sundays you go for a walk with your partner, the best moments of your life are the company of love. Don’t let pride win you over, it’s good to recognize when you’re wrong in life and to be humble.


Friday to feel like you can do anything you set your mind to, remember that your sign loves success very much and is always trying to achieve it in whatever area works, especially now that you are at your best. . Just try to manage your time and money to get what you want. Sometimes life gives us experiences that we have to take as learning, so don’t give up and keep going. Your element is the earth and this makes you very jealous and possessive, it’s good to love your partner, but not to be authoritarian, it’s better to give yourself space so that your romantic relationship goes better. You buy shoes and clothes to change your look. You are studying public and international relations. You will be lucky with the numbers 03 and 30. A new fire sign love will appear in your life.


Weekend in a good mood for different sports activities and partying, your sign makes you the healthiest and most charismatic of the zodiac, take the opportunity to pamper yourself. Don’t look for the love that left you because it wasn’t for you, these days you will meet more like-minded people. You will analyze a change of job and having a company, you must always be in constant movement so that your positive energy develops more. You apply for a loan to buy a house. Try to get more sleep this weekend to renew the positive energies. You change your cell phone to a newer one and change your equipment payment plan. Your lucky numbers are 15 and 33. Beware of gossip at work, be more discreet. You are invited to a musical event this Saturday and you will have a lot of fun.


This Friday there will be good news and economic surprises, your brand always renews its energy in summer. You’ll get a life-changing job offer because you’re very good at what you do, but sometimes you sabotage yourself and believe you can’t achieve it. Fill yourself with good energy and achieve what you have in mind, like a business or living in another country. A love from the past is looking for your return, clarify the situation because it will only take your time. You better keep meeting people. You will get lucky with the numbers 02 and 21, instead use red to attract luck, you start a diet method that will help you be healthier. You go on a trip and go for a walk with your family. An Aries or Cancer love will be very present and you will help a brother to make a love decision.

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