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Mhoni Seer’s horoscope for the weekend of July 1-3, 2022

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Seer Mhoni tells you what awaits you in work, love and fortune. Discover what fate has prepared for you in its horoscopes for this weekend.


Three days to remember a love from the past and think about how to get back together with this person, just remember that it has happened before and it is better to move on with your love life. Your sign is at its best time to find the true love of the sign of Capricorn, Leo That is Book. You complete the paperwork to make a late payment on your car and decide to put it up for sale. You register for an administration and sales course on weekends. Take care of the falls and try to be more careful, especially on the streets. You are a very good and helpful person, which is why you always surround yourself with good people. energies. You help your father who is going through a difficult economic situation and you travel with your partner. Friday will be your best day, with the numbers 02 and 13. Try to use the color red more. Sunday of communication with the spiritual and meditation to calm the soul.


Weekend in a good mood and keep yourself surrounded by good energies. Finally, the stars begin to align in your favor and you will have an economic surprise. In the workthe day Friday try not to argue with your classmates and don’t focus your attention on them so you don’t feel bad. Remember that you are one of the brightest zodiac signs. You end your step with a love that it was very embarrassing, which will strengthen your energies; remember not to go back to this person, because you will contaminate yourself again with his negative wave. Try to pay your debts and avoid worries; You must finalize these commitments, in order to guarantee your peace of mind. The Sunday you are going to have a hit chance with the numbers 07 and 19. You open the doors of your home to a new pet.


You will have family visits throughout the weekend take advantage of school holidays; You are the pillar of the family and you always seek the company of your loved ones. You are applying for your migration and residence permit, remember that you must have your papers in order. Avoid anger, don’t hold so many grudges, so your positive energy will continue to grow. Go to a river or a beach and cleanse yourself to remove all the negative. You have to show your feelings and fall in love. A new love is coming these days and it will be very passionate. You will be lucky with the numbers 06 and 15. An old love who married will seek your return; don’t try anymore, close this episode of your life. You buy new furniture and you will completely renew the decoration of your house.


The festivities will be present throughout your weekend; In addition, you will spend time with very good people around you. Remember that what you need in terms of happiness will always come; you are in your best time, over for your birthday celebration and enjoying another year of life. You receive as a gift a perfume and a dinner with your family. Take care of work issues and try not to talk to anyone; stay out of it and remember to be more discreet. In love, you will continue on a good way to meet people who are very similar to you and your compatible signs are Aquarium, Pisces Yes Scorpio. You are the most charming of the zodiac signs and this brings your friends closer. A friend going through a divorce comes to you for advice. You will get lucky on Friday and it will be with the numbers 07 and 16. Use white more.


It will be a weekend of reflection that will make you sad and thoughtful for everything that has happened to you, live all the emotions, live them and you will move forward in your personal life. True love will come into your life, just try to be patient. You will live three days of reinventing your fitness, you decide to change your look and start a diet that will keep you excellent. Try to do all your pending tasks and avoid problems in your work. You go on a journey Control your character and don’t be so controlling, the best thing in life is to give yourself your own space as people. a shot chance Saturday will arrive, it will be with new projects and closings of contracts, so try to dress in colors like red and strong blue to attract abundance. Your lucky numbers are 11 and 23. They offer you a company on Sunday.


boards of work and project changes during this Friday, your work is very important, so try to organize yourself in your office; This Friday you get extra money for vacation or sales commission. You take the step of a personal loan in order to pay for a house. Do not be so demanding with yourself and be more dreamy in your life, remember that the things you experience will never be repeated, so try to be less dramatic in your daily life. Enjoy your personal accomplishments. Take care of your back and neck, it is important that you do not injure yourself and that you can continue with your good exercise routine. You will have a stroke of luck on the day Saturday with numbers 17 and 66; play them in the lottery. Wear lighter clothes and you will multiply the chance. You receive an invitation to spend a few days at the beach.


East Friday You will devote it to storing your work papers because a change of position is announced, but try not to talk about it so as not to have problems of envy. Your sign is going through a phase of abundance. During weekend You are going to meet that person who means a lot to you, so try to take full advantage of these moments. You will receive news that will worry you because it involves your family, so I recommend that you be very attentive and do not get angry for anything. They invite you to go on a trip, remember your thing is to walk and meet people from other parts of the world. You will have a stroke of luck Sunday with the numbers 24 and 50, add your date of birth to personalize your chance. On Saturday you take a yoga class and pay your credit card.


Friday to be with work meetings and a lot of pressure, try to calm down and put your obligations in order and put aside your mobile phone so that it does not take up your time. It will be a weekend to visit relatives, they invite you to a picnic because your sign likes to be in contact with nature. The extra money comes in and you pay off past debts, but try to save for the future. You will be somewhat worried that someone close to you will fall ill, the best you can do is to support him morally. You are very charismatic and you are always surrounded by loveThis weekend, someone from Aries or Virgo enters your life. An ex-partner will seek you out to make a claim. They offer to start a car business, accept it because it will suit you very well. you are going to have a hit chance on Sunday with the numbers 01 and 29.


East Friday I recommend that you correct your work papers and be proactive in meetings with your bosses because they consider you for a position of command, just try to pay attention to gossip in your work environment and be more discreet with your life personal. You are going on a trip for the weekend and you will visit your family. Your sign likes to be in constant motion to renew its energy, which is why don’t stop striving to build a weekend business. You’ll get extra money or they’ll pay you for the vacation you didn’t take. A love of Cancer That is Book He will seek you out to formalize a relationship. You decide to pamper yourself because the best investment is yourself. Your lucky numbers are 19 and 30, try to use your intuition more, remember that Sagittarius they have this gift which is very useful in everyday life.


You will devote Friday to organizing work and personal papers, since you will occupy them in the future. This day will also be great at work, do not give importance to problems that are not yours. Your sign is very strong and is always victorious in everything. A love of Ram That is Book He will be looking for you to have a formal relationship in your life. Try to be healthier in your diet. They will offer you a company for the weekends. Your magic numbers will be 30 and 41, use lots of perfume before you leave the house to cut out the negative. You receive the invitation to work in another larger company. Remember that the Capricorn they are very passionate and often they tell about loves that are not for them, because they confuse love with sex; you have to mature and decide who you want in your life.


The weekend you will have many problems in your romantic relationship, your sign is very controlling and at the same time very free of its space, that’s why I recommend that you give yourself time alone and thus meet more like-minded people with your love life. Money arrives that you did not expect from a payment or debt from the past. These will be days of completely renewing your diet and maintaining a healthier diet. Remember, when they see you, they’re treating you, so you need to look your best. You buy plane tickets to go on vacation with your family and take out car insurance. Stop looking for trouble with your friends, so don’t care what they say about you. your numbers chance they are 35 and 60 years old. This Sunday light a candle to your guardian angel and ask for everything you need to get better.


It will be a weekend with a lot of workbut you will also analyze business creation, remember that Pisces they are the negotiators and they always like to live well, so manage your time better. This day Friday it will be chance for your sign, that’s why try to make a labor movement, also settle the legal issues because they will turn in your favor. I recommend lighting a white candle to be in tune with the good energy of the universe. They invite you to go on a trip and buy furniture for your home. Do not try to argue with your partner anymore, remember that your sign is very suspicious and always jealous of everything, you must control this insecurity. A friend of Cancer That is Scorpio go get you to talk to you love real. You are celebrating a relative in this weekendand you receive the proposal to go live in another city.

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