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Metropolitan COE resolutions: teleworking, isolation, wearing a mask and vaccination

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The Municipality of Quito has indicated that it accepts the directives issued by the National COE during its last session. The capital has the highest percentage of vaccinated with the first booster dose.

Francisco Viteri, Secretary of Health, explained that: “According to information from the MSP, we are in a new wave of infections; this does not have the transmission speed that omicron had at the beginning of the year, however, corresponding measures should be taken to protect the health of citizens”.

Metropolitan COE Resolutions

  • The Municipality of Quito accepts the modality of telework in accordance with the guidelines decided by the Ministry of Labor.
  • Accept the MSP recommendations in the home isolation protocol for covid-positive people:

-The person who has symptoms or has been in contact with people who have a positive covid test, must begin isolation for five days from the moment they had symptoms or had contact.

-If after the five days of isolation the symptoms are reduced and you do not have a fever, the isolation ends and you can continue your activities with the strict use of a mask for another five days.

-If he continues with fever, he is kept in isolation until the symptom disappears. Once the fever has passed, you will be able to carry out your activities with the strict wearing of the mask for an additional five days.

– After five days of strict mask use after not having a fever, mask use becomes optional again.

  • The biosecurity measures applied to date are maintained:

-Mandatory use of the mask in health centers and hospitals.

-The use of masks in closed and open spaces will be mandatory for people with respiratory symptoms.

-The use of a mask is recommended in closed places such as classrooms, work areas and public transport.

-It is recommended to wear a mask indoors and in open spaces where physical distancing cannot be guaranteed.

-In public and private space, the use is not mandatory, however, its use is recommended as it is the best way to prevent the virus.

  • Citizens are invited to complete the vaccination scheme against covid with the first and second booster, going to the different vaccination points available throughout the Metropolitan District of Quito.

Source metroecuador.com

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