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Meta announces its own digital clothing store for Facebook, Instagram and Messenger avatars

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MADRID, June 20 (Portaltic/EP) –

Goal has announced the launch of its own digital clothing store for avatars in Facebook, Instagram Y delivery boy in which its users can buy clothes to customize their style.

Avatars in three dimensions (3D) arrived on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger in February this year. With them, Meta wanted to pave the way for implementing the Metaverse in all of its services.

Meta’s next step was to open their own digital clothing store for these avatars. The initiative will arrive “soon” on Facebook, Instagram and Messengeras reported by the platform’s director of fashion content and collaborations, Eva Chen, in a broadcast direct from her Instagram account, accompanied by Meta co-founder and owner Mark Zuckerberg.

The first brands that will be present in this store are Balenciaga, Prada and Thom Browne. Zuckerberg and Chen’s avatars donned some of their clothes to give a first look at this proposal.

Some of them also link directly to services that exist in the metaverse. This is also the case with the Balenciaga racing suit, which Zuckerberg associated with the driving experiences of the platform.

Zuckerberg has also recognized his ambition to accompany the opening of this digital establishment with world-class collaborations. So aim create a marketplace Apart from the free clothing items that will continue to be available on the platform.

Looking ahead, the platform intends to add new brands even from companies that don’t have a physical store. In fact, Zuckerberg points out that designers don’t need materials to carry out their creations and that “anyone with a computer and an imagination” will be able to do it.

Meta’s owner secured himself afterwards in a Facebook statement that “digital goods” will play a particularly relevant role in the metaverse to express oneself, and expects that they will be one “great catalyst of the creative industries”. In addition, he has anticipated his intention to bring this initiative to virtual reality (VR).

Source europapress.es

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