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Merz and Scholz speak at the general debate in the Bundestag

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In the first general debate in the Bundestag since the change of government, the leader of the Union faction, Friedrich Merz, accused the traffic light coalition of not reacting adequately to the Russian war against Ukraine.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) spoke of a turning point in view of the war in Ukraine, the CDU chairman, who is also leader of the opposition in the Bundestag, said on Wednesday at the general debate on the budget of the chancellery. However, he and the Union faction did not really notice much of this turning point in Finance Minister Christian Lindner’s (FDP) speech.

“Spending will increase as a result of the Ukraine war, and yet you are presenting a budget as if nothing happened.” If the government is serious, it should renegotiate the coalition agreement. Government is based on basic assumptions that are already known to be incorrect. Above all, the two percent target for defense spending is a sticking point.

Merz criticizes the coalition’s plan to expand the budget with “special budgets” and “special funds.” That was dishonest, according to the CDU leader. The CDU wants the two percent target for defense to be set or exceeded, every year, according to Merz. “Here we will not write a blank check for 100 billion.” Merz declares: Each law will be discussed and voted on individually. Scholz should speak after Merz. All the other leaders of the parliamentary groups also want to take the floor. (teaspoonful)

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