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Mercadona’s new dessert generates a schism due to excess sugar

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Mercadona’s caramel dessert causes controversy in the largest ‘forum’ on the supermarket. Sources: Instagram/mercadona.novedades and Getty Comercial.

Mercadona has recently launched a caramel-flavored dessert that has been echoed by the Instagram account @mercadona.novedades, the most famous and followed unofficial account of the chain’s products. Immediately, two different groups with opinions about the product were formed.

On the one hand, there are those who defend that the company is forgetting to try to make its desserts as healthy as possible, being possible to achieve the same caramel flavor, as in this case, without the need to include so much sugar per unit. And on the other, those who are against criticism because a dessert is sweet.

The conversation that best illustrates the schism is that of a user who sees a logical relationship between caramel flavor and sugar, with the consequent opposite response from another.

“Very good. And those who say that a lot of sugar… Ok, they make them with less, but only that, less sugar and that’s it. Remember that it is a “caramel” flavor and not a “sweetener” flavor… What was missing is a caramel-flavored dessert that tastes like alfalfa, tofu, algae, etc…“said the first.

“You can get the very flavor of caramel without the need for simple sugars”answered the second.

Before, the latter had already complained in the post about the necessary amount of sugar that the product contains and, given the comments against similar to the one above, it gave the solution of replacing the sugar with agave syrup“which at least has a lower glycemic index”, or also “polyalcohols for substitute.

He also said that only “In a tub you already have the recommended sugar for the whole day”. And she is right. The World Health Organization recommends that adults with a normal body mass index consume 25 grams of sugar per day. The product carries 22 grams per unit.

with go polyalcohols It is not wrong either, but its consumption should be reduced according to experts to 50 grams per day.

Another user who declares herself diabetic, fed up with the mistake I made about the excess sugar in the products, a conviction that despite her condition he has never heard “no endocrinologist” of his forbid it, “only moderate it”.

There are many who ironize against those who complain about the amount of sugar in the product: “who would have imagined it being caramel”, “the sugar taliban”“blablabla sugar, blablabla sugar”…

There are several who extrapolate, on the other hand, the sugar problem to Mercadona in general, claiming to have stopped buying even in their stores:

“I hardly buy at Mercadona anymore, they have insisted on putting sugar in our veins everywhere… More products like cocoa cream, excellent”one user said.

“What’s going on in Mercadona? Lately it seems like a candy store, all sugar,” another sentenced.

On a more extreme plane are those who define themselves as “tired of anti-sugar” under the motto that “It exists all its life and has not killed anyone”. Well, sugar consumption is one of the leading causes of diabetes and obesity around the world. And, according to the WHO, each year 2.8 million people die in the world due to obesity or being overweight; so, let’s say, the International Diabetes Federation, in the year 2021 this happens between the 6th and 7th millennia of the mother. Some incidence, therefore, has the excess of sugar in food in these figures.

Outside the conflict, there is a Zen minority that sees in the glass cups -the container- the perfect candle holder.

Each tub is 100 grams, of which 22 are sugar. Let everyone draw their own conclusions and do what they think is appropriate.

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