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Mercadona shelves reflect and panorama of bleak fear

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The uncertainty due to the conflict in Ukraine empties Mercadona’s shelves. Sources: Twitter/@ignasicharles and Twiiter/@LaRanaGitana.

Mercadona stores are the best example of the uncertainty generated as a result of the war in Ukraine and the Western sanctions against Russia for it. To this must be added the uncontrolled prices in the energy market. The set causes the shopping cart to become more expensive every day.

If in this last week the focus has been on the rise in the price of sunflower oil, with many voices on social networks pointing to Mercadona, now the fear of the possible increase in prices of most products is destocking the shelves of the Valencian chain stores.

At Yahoo Spain we have already explained that the reasons for blaming Juan Roig’s company for the price increase do not fully reflect reality, despite the fact that it has been applied to liters of sunflower oil with a packaging date prior to the triggering of the war conflict.

The law of supply and demand, basic.

In fact, the increase in the cost of energy is what has been driving up prices since last June, which, in the case of sunflower oil, has translated into a 13% more expensive price since then.

However, Another precedent is different from the complaint by the consumer organization Facua to the DIA, Mercadona, MAS, El Jamón and Hiperdino supermarkets. for limiting the number of units of sunflower oil that consumers can request in each purchase. A factor that can foster uncertainty.

According to article 9.2 of Law 7/1996, of January 15, on the Regulation of Retail Trade, “traders may not limit the number of items that can be purchased by each buyer or establish higher prices or remove reductions or incentives for purchases that exceed a certain volume.

Fear and uncertainty in the face of shortages

The fear of shortages on the part of consumers is passing from one product to another, in a chain that began with vegetable oil, and devastating images are already being spread in the supermarkets of the leading chain in Spain.

There should be no panic, the EU does not see immediate risks of food shortages in European markets, although it does see rising prices throughout the supply chain.

However, images of Mercadona stores with almost completely empty shelves are being disseminated, at the level of the first months of the coronavirus pandemic, when it became mission impossible to find toilet paper, among other essential products.

The reflection of a war that affects us all, but in the face of which, according to reports from the Government, there are reasons to remain calm and not go crazy buying.

Therefore, the biggest problem is the fear of the population and the uncertainty of not knowing how long the conflict will last. In his favor, the leaders’ communication folda and the security endowment in this regard.

We don’t leave one and get into another and, in the end, the greatest example of that fear is the supermarket aisles. This is how several Mercadona stores look in different parts of Spain at times:

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