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Mercadona dismisses the accusation of simulating scarcity as a hoax, but it does not do much good

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This week has viralized the alleged testimony of a Mercadona worker acknowledging a client or client that from “above” they have an order to retain merchandise in the warehouse so that it appears that there is a shortage and later use it as an excuse to raise prices. The message has spread so far, it has been given so much credibility and it has generated such a wave of comments against the chain of Juan Roig that from the own companyvia Twitter, they have published a statement denying it. According to the comments generated after his denial, the effect of the testimony branded as false persists among many, who continue to take it for real.

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The message in question that has unleashed the discomfort of consumers on networks was the following: “Told this morning by a Mercadona worker: ‘We have everything, but those above tell us to gradually remove the product from the warehouse and continue giving an image of scarcity, to gradually raise prices every day and get more. This for oil, milk, etc.’”. She posted it on a Twitter account, it went viral and many others replicated it. This can have a chain effect in which the Criticism of Mercadona for speculating in this way becoming a trend.

That the prices of many products have risen is an unquestionable reality. And they have done so due to many variables that have to do with inflation; with the increase in production costs due, among other things, to the increase in the cost of raw materials; with the increase in the cost of transport… The pandemic first and the war in Ukraine now have also had an impact on prices. It is something that has been explained and what has been reported from the OCU on multiple occasions.

Now with the truckers’ strikethe new problem facing consumers is the fear of shortage. Sectors such as brewing and dairy have already warned that the days when they will be able to continue producing if the current situation continues are numbered. In some supermarkets and businesses, the absence and shortage of some products have been detected.

UNITED NATIONS context like this is the right one for a message like the one quoted to spread and be taken for granted by many without questioning that it may be false. Nor is it the first against the brand. A few days ago they were accused of intentionally raising the price of sunflower oil when it was not from Ukraine. Something that was already explained at the time that had nothing to do with an exercise in speculation, as Mercadona was accused, but rather responded to the way the system works and that the rise had also been made effective in other chains , without only in the Valencian one.

On this occasion, faced with the accusation that the order had been given to the workers to ‘withhold’ the product to simulate scarcity and thus raise the prize later, Mercadona has decided to stop the hoax, qualify it as a valley and publish a statement. In the text of the same, they cross out “the information that we are regulating the sale of products and that we do it to raise prices” of “complete fake”. add the Recommendation to your clients “not to hoard”.

However, a tenor of the responses received by the brand to its tweet and comments added by many of the Internet users who have shared it, the Mercadona’s statement has not convinced a good number of customers, which continues to give truth to the message that lit the fuse and accuses the company of lying. In many others you can read the discomfort due to the rise in prices of their products. A reality that exists and that extends beyond Mercadona supermarkets.

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