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Mental health experts explain the methods they follow to calm their anxiety attacks

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In the hectic and chaotic world we live in today, it is common that during the day we have some type of anxiety attackeither due to the large number of tasks we perform in our work environment or concerns about family and friends.

Experts in the field discussed with the portak Forbes and they’ve offered advice on how they deal with anxiety, revealing some professional secrets and offering free help if you want it to anyone who can’t afford a therapist.

Mental health experts talk about how they deal with their anxiety attacks

Rufus Tony Spann, Registered Psychologist and Professional Counselor, commented: “Treating anxiety is very important and different for all of us. I explain to clients that we all experience anxiety; however, it is how we deal with stress that can help.

About his own anxiety, Spann noted “I make sure I’m in the room and I recognize the changes that are happening in my body”, He says. “This psychosomatic experience can be rapid breathing, thoughts or emotions. Once I recognize my body experience, I begin to slow down my breathing by taking deep breaths and relaxing my body. I take time to get my thoughts away from the idea or thought that is causing the anxiety.

Another of the experts to comment on the subject was Dr. Deborah Cortney, Registered Psychotherapist, who said, “I think of anxiety as excessive energy that gets stuck in my mind or body.” He went on to note, “This [energía] It usually manifests as looping worried thoughts or tension in various parts of my body (head, shoulders, stomach, etc.). To ease anxious feelings, I focus on trying to release energy, detach, and then reconnect with my inner self.

Specialist Sabrina Romanoff, a clinical psychologist, also claimed to believe in a morning routine to establish emotional functioning and productivity for the rest of the day and avoid anxiety.

“Several days a week, I take an early morning exercise class, which helps increase focus, energy, and productivity,” says Dr. Romanoff. “Committing to a class early in the morning eliminates the temptation to skip or cancel if it was scheduled for the evening after a long day. Plus, exercising with a group encourages you to push past the threshold you would normally hit if you were exercising alone.

With these tips, you can start dealing with those anxiety attacks that don’t allow you to function fully during the day.

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