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Menstrual cups mostly without harmful substances.

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Frankfurt am Main (dpa/tmn) – While a tampon ends up in the trash after use, a menstrual cup can be used for years. Cups are usually made of silicone or thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). As a general rule, you should not be afraid of contaminants getting into your body, according to the conclusion of the “Öko-Test” magazine (issue 4/2022).

Of the 20 menstrual cups tested, 16 were rated very good. Therefore, they do not contain volatile components or silicone building blocks, i.e. substances that are suspected of accumulating in the body.

Thorough hygiene prevents infections

However: even if the cup itself does not emit harmful substances, it can have undesirable consequences. And that’s if you don’t boil the cup regularly or don’t wash your hands before and after using it. This can lead to infections, which in worst cases can lead to toxic shock syndrome (TSS). Not all manufacturers point this out enough, eco-testers complain.

The stability of the material was also checked by «Öko-Test». Because the cup handle is exposed to a certain pulling force when removing it. According to testers, almost all cups also work well at this point.

Menstrual cups are sold in drugstores, online stores and pharmacies. The cheapest product tested by “Öko-Test” cost almost nine euros, the most expensive was around 30 euros.

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