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Men versus women, how are they different when dieting?

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Before seeing the differences between the female and male sex during a diet, let us specify that, according to the site Care and health:

“Diets can be obtained in several basic ways; what matters is that they contribute to the general health of any person. When it comes to dieting, we are mostly used to thinking of it as a method to lose weight. The truth is that the word diet, and it is worth clarifying whenever necessary, is anything a person lets into their body in the form of food.”.

According to the publication new healthto exist differences between men and women in the dreaded and rigorous process of weight loss through diet.

  • Men are the most consistent in the weight loss processOn the other hand, women abandon diets more easily.
  • They prefer to follow the guidelines of a nutrition specialist and during the diet, almost 50% attend the weekly consultation to better control the process.while they define themselves as self-made and start a diet on their own, without adequate professional advice.
  • Men lose weight faster. In fact, they are proven to lose twice as much weight as women in the same time frame, thanks to their bodies retaining less fluids and not being affected by as many hormonal changes..

On the other hand, women find it difficult to lose weight due to hormonal fluctuations and water retention.

  • Only 30% of men manage to maintain their ideal weight a year later because they are not consistent when it comes to maintaining the healthy habits they have acquiredwhereas 50% of women who follow a diet eat too much who then try to compensate, by eating less, but not exercising more.
Source metroecuador.com

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