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Meet Salma Hayek’s Stepsons Who Are Socializing and Loving Her Like a Mother

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Salma Hayek She is not only a wonderful mother, she is also a loving, affectionate and cool mother-in-law, and she showed it on her social networks.

The actress constantly posts photos with her husband’s daughter, Mathilde Pinault, revealing how well they get along and recently posted a photo with her husband’s two other children.

To celebrate the Fathers Daythe Mexican has published a photo in which she appears with her husband, François-Henri Pinault, and all their children.

“Happy Father’s Day”was the actress’ message, but what caught the most attention They were the two sons of the businessman, who appear little on the networks, and they are very beautiful.

Salma Hayek’s stepsons who are causing a sensation on the networks

In the photo appears the The eldest son of the businessman, François Pinault, who is 24 years old, and whom he had with Dorothée Lepère, and Augustin James, 15 years old, whom he had with the supermodel Linda Evangelista.

In the image, not only could we see that salma she gets along wonderfully with both of them, and that they love her like a mother, just like with Mathilde, 21, also that she stepchildren are gallants.

François posed with a white shirt and glasses, and his brother, who was next to him and hugged Salma, posed with a light blue shirt, long hair and glasses.

“How beautiful the children are 👏”, “wow they can be models”, “I love it!! We can see that they all have a good relationship!”, “wow these boys are gallant”, “the handsome Salma’s sons are too beautiful”, “we can see that they get along well and are very beautiful”, and “wow they are very beautiful”, were some of the reactions in the networks.

Undoubtedly, each inherited the beauty of their parents, and it is clear that they and Salma have a very beautiful relationship, leaving behind the myths of evil stepmothers.

Source metroecuador.com

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