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Meet Alisha Weir the Protagonist of ‘Matilda’ Remake

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Since he was known the musical ‘Matilda’ would be back with a more updated version and with innovations in its arguments and even in its characters, its loyal fans did not hesitate to rejoice and be surprised, because this plot marked a before and after in the entertainment industry.

This is how since the broadcast of the first official trailer, Netflix audiences have been able to discover the new faces that will be part of this story only in 1966 with Mara Wilson who has come to captivate more than one with her innocence, her mischief, as well as her desire to show the funniest adventures that this little girl has had on screen. For this reason, now more than ever all eyes are on its new protagonist, the little Alisha Weir who will bring this character to life in the new version which will be more impressive than ever.

She has the same appeal as Mara, but with a twist of modern, techy and edgy fun, if you want, because this girl is ready for anything without measuring the consequences of her actions.

Alisha Weir is the new protagonist of the remake of ‘Matilda’

This is something that could be highlighted through the first images of this production in which Weir will not only play the daring ‘Mathilda’, but this will start from scratch a new phenomenon in the industry with his participation which has been cataloged by its directors as “masterful” and which will fascinate new generations with its grace and naturalness.

In addition, this little girl who has made giant strides as an actress, has become a rage, because through her social networks she has also taken on the task of demonstrating that She is a very restless, funny girl, but above all very fashionable, because he likes to dress up and always look impeccable. As if that wasn’t enough, he was able to show through his posts that despite the fact that his career is just beginning, acting is his thing.

Not in vain is seen to be very comfortable with this character that will also fill with emotions and nostalgia those who have been able to see the original plot that appealed and was avant-garde as to presentation of a children’s story who broke all stereotypes. And it is that so far this plot has been insurmountable and that is why there are those who are eagerly awaiting its premiere, which until now is called to be by the end of this 2022.

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