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Medvedev admits the “difficult situation” and talks about betrayal and the impossible

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The statements of the vice president of the National Security Council and former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev tacit recognition of the difficult situation in his country.

Although Medvedev was talking about the “madness” of believing that Western sanctions on Russian companies could have any effect on the government in Moscow.

However, he called the opposition of Russians abroad to the war a betrayal in this difficult situation.

Medvedev told the RIA news agency in an interview that the sanctions will only lead to the unification of Russian society and will not cause popular discontent with the authorities.

The West imposed a series of sanctions on Russia after its invasion of Ukraine, but a month after the war, the Kremlin says it will continue the offensive until it achieves its goals of “disarming” Ukraine.

Some of the sanctions target big businessmen who are believed to be close to President Vladimir Putin.

“Let’s ask ourselves: can any of these business leaders have the slightest influence on the position of the leadership of the country? … I tell you frankly: no, it is impossible,” Medvedev said.

Medvedev said opinion polls showed that three quarters of Russians supported the Kremlin’s decision to carry out a military operation in Ukraine and even supported President Vladimir Putin.

Medvedev criticized the Russians, who opposed the invasion while living abroad.

“You can be dissatisfied with some of the authorities’ decisions and criticize the authorities. This is normal,” he said.

“But you can’t take a stand against the state in such a difficult situation because this is treason.”

An independent protest monitoring group says Russian authorities arrested thousands of people earlier this month at nationwide protests against the invasion.

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