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Medusa finally cancels festival: ‘It’s the hardest moment we ever thought we’d go through’


He emphasizes that due to the “extreme and unforeseeable bad weather” it was an “unfortunate, unexpected and unavoidable accident”.


The management of the Medusa Festival has just announced the final cancellation of the event, which will run until August 15, following the death of a 22-year-old and the need for medical care for 40 others as a result of the collapse of the Medusa Festival in the early hours of this Saturday, parts of the Stage and other elements of the venue recorded due to strong gusts of wind.

“It’s a very painful moment. Difficult and heartbreaking. An immensely sad and discouraged moment for relatives and friends. A moment no one should ever experience going through,” he said addressing the event in a statement.

Management affirms that they are “desolate” and “heartbroken” to the point that “the words can hardly come out”. “Our thoughts are constantly on the mind of each and everyone who has been directly or indirectly affected by the unfortunate, unexpected and unavoidable accident that occurred tonight due to the extreme and unpredictable inclement weather during the Medusa Festival celebrations,” they add.

In this sense, Medusa emphasizes that the public is “important” and that they “have placed their trust in us and have been the fundamental pillar for us to continue here today”. “The safety of the visitors to our event has always been our absolute priority”, that of the workers and artists, and the “original thing is to protect you all at each of our events”.

For this reason, the organization of the Medusa Festival has decided to cancel the festival “definitively”, since “the adverse and unexpected weather conditions expected to continue throughout the day oblige us, morally and as a matter of responsibility, to end our 2022 edition”. .

“It is a day of mourning. And respect for those affected. We want to accompany them in their grief. And they will have us for anything they need. We also share their unbearable suffering with our sincere condolences,” he concludes.


Source europapress.es

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