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Mayor Darío Macas: “Machala is a city that has not stagnated during big storms, but has managed to emerge gracefully from each crisis”

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The Illustrious Cantonal Council, chaired by Mayor Darío Macas Salvatierra, paid tribute to Machala for its 198 years of cantonization, with a solemn session, the delivery of agreements and recognitions to illustrious personalities and those responsible for the development of the city .

The event took place with the help of important local and national authorities of the Paseo de La Merced. It started with the theme “Machala, Amor y Esperanza”, by the El Oro Youth Symphony Orchestra.

The mayor in his speech praised expressive words to the city and the growth of which he has been a partaker. “At the beginning of the 19th century, Machala did not reach 800 inhabitants; however, its rich mangroves, fertile sea, and exuberant flora and fauna make it an emporium of wealth that motivates the migration of Ecuadorians from other cities. Today, we are happy, full of optimism and faith, because this warm and generous city has been built thanks to the effort, work and tenacity of those of the salt pampas,” he added. he declares.

“We have been writing history since May 2019, the year we took over the municipal administration to realize the dreams of progress and modernity.”

He commented on one of the most emblematic works which was inaugurated on April 2 this year, “The central urban area of ​​the city had become a denigrating space for Machala, for more than 40 years it hosted hundreds of merchants, the passage of time and their proliferation, have made the pressure in this area so unbearable, taking the decision to relocate them, without leaving them destitute, offering them places in municipal supply centers and creating other spaces, such as the Chamber of Industries and the facilities of the Matilde Hidalgo School”.


The first representative highlighted the regeneration and infrastructure works carried out in some areas of the city, including Av. Ferroviaria, Gonzalo Córdova, Circunv extension. South, Florida 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8, Machalilla, El Bosque, Employees Teófilo Dávila, El Carmen.

Adolfo Bucaram, Periodistas, Orquídeas, Virgen del Cisne 1 and 2, Harry Álvarez, Puerto Azul, El Pacífico, Carmen Bautista, Gonzales Rubio, Blanca García, Héctor Cordovéz, Mario Minuche Jr.; Central District of El Cambio, Urdesa Este, Eloy Alfaro, Sauces 1, Popular Justice, Jesús del Gran Poder, November 19.

Regarding sports spaces, synthetic courts and biohealth parks in Puerto Azul, Port Authority, Blanca García, El Retiro, Unión Colombiana, Los Vergeles, Jaime Roldós, Santa Elena, Cuba Libre.

“The important management also of public companies has enabled us to offer a better future to the families of Machala. Machala Mobility, Aguas Machala, Municipal Health Network, Borne Terrestre, Municipal Firefighters, Markets, Cleanliness, are those who, thanks to their joint work, have participated in the development of our canton.

municipal projects

The highest authority mentioned the project of the first mobile veterinary clinic, which will assist animals in a state of vulnerability, in addition to the implementation of massive campaigns for the sterilization of dogs and cats, preventing the abandonment and suffering of pets.

The Department of Social, Cultural and Productive Development promotes programs and projects that benefit vulnerable groups in the city. The execution of 16 social projects was carried out thanks to the investment of $5,259,753.08, which represents 3.71% more than what is established in the Law.

Regarding tourism, the city experienced this year the festivities for the 198 years of cantonization after they had to be postponed for 2 years. The proclamation of lights, the gastronomy and entrepreneurship fair, the election of the Queen of Machala 2022 and the “Machala Vive La Música” festival, with its 5 days of concerts, have raised the name of the city to the international level.

Source metroecuador.com

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