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Max Kothny – the Salt Digger near Türkgücü Munich


In 2020, Max Kothny became the youngest CEO in German professional football under investor Hasan Kivran. Now, at the age of 25, he is bankrupt with Türkgücü Munich. On a rapid rise and the question of who really decided what.


Christopher Leischwitz

Max Kothny in Türkgücü Munich: Max Kothny

Max Kothny in Türkgücü Munich: Max Kothny

max kothny

(Photo: kolbert-press/Ulrich Gamel/imago images/kolbert-press)

Anyone who receives a short message from Max Kothny will see these four words in red letters on his profile picture: no salt, no life. They are glued to the facade of a restaurant in Istanbul owned by Nusret Gökce. The salt-tossing chef who once pampered Franck Ribéry with a gold leaf steak and reaped a decadent shitstorm that made him well known in Germany. Before Kothny became the youngest managing director in German professional football, he also worked as a grill master in a Munich steakhouse. Shortly thereafter he had an interview at McDonald’s and then decided: I’d like to do something more exciting. Kothny has always sought the salt for life. However, now, at 25, he, too, is presented with a rather salty receipt.


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