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Matt Smith: Excited for his role in ‘Morbius’

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Matt Smith credit: Bang Showbiz

Matt Smith revealed that he enjoyed playing a villain in ‘Morbius’.

The 39-year-old actor plays vampire antagonist Milo Morbius in Marvel’s new blockbuster and says he enjoys the role because he doesn’t have to “rethink” the role.

Speaking about his role as the villain in an interview with ‘Digital Spy’, Matt said: “I enjoyed doing that and I enjoyed getting into all that villain stuff and having it go on for a long time. It always works out so much fun to play the people on that side.” . of the story, I think, and in a movie like this it allows you to lean a little bit more into those tropes and ideas and angles. I was trying to loosen the reins, I guess. I mean, I didn’t think about it, I just showed up and did it to be honest.” Smith also added: “There has to be a certain level of empathy to that. You have to like your villains, you want to hang out with them.” Matt also revealed that his former “Doctor Who” co-star Karen Gillan, who plays Nebula in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, encouraged him to take on the role. ‘The Crown’ recalled: “I called Karen and said, ‘How was it? You had fun?’ And she said, ‘Yeah, do it, do it.’ So that’s what I decided to do.”

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