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Marvel to Unveil First Gay Spider-Man This LGBT Pride Month

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The representation of the collective LGBTQ+ It is becoming an increasingly common bet in the entertainment world. For this month of pride, wonder excitedly announced a new variant of Spider Manwhich will be the first version of the openly gay spider-hero and will make its way into the pages of the hit comic book Edge of Spider-Verse at number 5.

Spider-Man is one if not the most famous superhero of this comic house and Marvel with each film adaptation and in their video games in recent years has only increased the popularity of the character. And, thanks to the flexibility of the comic world, these versions of the arachnid are also possible, this time more precisely in Edge of Spider-Verse, which will introduce us to a wonderful character never seen before.

According to the Eisner Award-winning novelist and comic book writer and author of more than 75 titles, including X-Men ’92: House of XCII, Rainbow Bridge, Archer & Armstrong Forever, Steve Fox, very soon you will be able to meet one of his latest creations.

Who will this new Spider-Man be?

It is Web Weaver, a new incarnation of Spider-Man that will hit the comic book pages on September 5th. According to Foxe’s post, Web Weaver “is a not-so-gracious fashion designer at Van Dyne who gains spider powers and shows us a very different kind of spider warrior.”

Although the comic book writer never expresses that the character is openly gay, at the end of his post he placed a rainbow emoji along with that of a spider, so we can interpret that This is a new LGBTQ+ hero in Marvel comics.

Edge of the Spider-Verse is responsible for expanding the Spider-Man universe by introducing some very interesting variations of the character, which include all races, ethnicities, abilities, ages and genders. Although issue #5 of the comic, where we’ll be introduced to this version, won’t arrive until September, the creators of Web Weaver are announcing their character right in the middle of Pride month.

Source metroecuador.com

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