VOX in a Day in Congress: “Today, the silenced will regain their voice in this House”


Rafael Marcos, ex-husband of the former president of Infancia Libre María Sevilla, who quarrels with the Minister for Equality, Irene Montero, for portraying him as an “abuser”, attended a round table this Wednesday at the Congress of Deputies organized by vox.

“Irene Montero has the luxury of calling me an abuser and that I am a pederast and will be sentenced for it. We have taken action, but it doesn’t work for humans, it only works if the wasp bites you, what happens to us?” Marcos wondered during his speech at the event in the House of Commons organized by Santiago Abascal’s party.

María Sevilla was pardoned by the government after being sentenced to two years and four months in prison for child abduction and loss of parental authority over her son. His ex-partner is demanding €85,000 from Montero for accusing him of abusing Sevilla and their son.

Last week the Equality Minister refused to reach an agreement with Marcos, who could now sue for what he says is “illegitimate interference” with his right to honour.

“When we learned of the pardon, the boy began to deteriorate in his studies. It’s been a tough few months, we’ve filed several lawsuits because he doesn’t want to see his mother and I’ll do whatever he wants. He’s free and has to decide what relationship he wants to have with his father and mother because he is fifteen years old,” explained María Sevilla’s ex-husband.

Marcos, who is a delegate for the National Association for Helping Victims of Domestic Violence (ANAVID), has confirmed that his son “saw the manipulation” of María Sevilla and “lived in his direct flesh” when he didn’t allow it to see her his sister at a meeting place. He hinted that for his son his sister “is the greatest thing, they can’t be separated” and added that his mother “plays with her”.

“Since then he doesn’t want to see his mother anymore, he loves her, there’s no denying that, but he said he sticks to the things he’s done. It tears you up when a child says things like that. My son knew that the reports were paid for by her,” Marcos commented, referring to María Sevilla’s reports accusing him of abusing her son.

After being sentenced to two years and four months in prison and four years’ confinement of parental authority, Marcos said María Sevilla asked the government for a pardon in December last year. “Ever since I found out I suspected they would give it to him, anyone who knows the line of this administration can have very little doubt that they would give it to him,” he warned.


Marcos has reported that the problems with his ex-partner began in 2010 when he decided to break up with her and have a son together aged two and a half because “living together wasn’t good” and he didn’t want that the minor “lives”. in a family with many contradictions”. “When she met her current partner, the problems started, I called her and said I wanted joint custody and she said the child was hers,” she recalls.

During the trial at the end of 2012 to introduce a visitation scheme, María Sevilla’s lawyer presented a psychologist’s report “with alleged sexual abuse” against the child, according to Marcos. “In that moment I turned pale, it was the worst day of my life, the worst time of my life began, I broke down. We put ourselves in the hands of the judiciary, there was no trial but the conclusion of some earlier testimonies of the child, his mother and his grandmother was that the child’s story was not in accordance with his age but that they prompted what he had to say , which I was assured today,” he said.

The judge then ruled that Marcos could look for the child at the house in Seville every Saturday. “I went to her house every Saturday to look for my son and not one opened the door for me. Then there was another trial, she submitted more reports and they were all rejected, she was asked to comply, but she obeyed vehemently and with all the audacity in the court,” he lamented.

At the end of 2017, a court awarded Marcos custody. At that time, María Sevilla “completely disappeared” until the police found the minor in 2019, according to the father: “They had to break the door because she didn’t open the door. He was out of place.”

Marcos has since stressed that María Sevilla “again filed a complaint” saying she had “abused” her son while she was living with him. “My son appears in court, dismembers him and says it is his mother who is manipulating and harming him. The truth is, these moms don’t realize it,” he said.


Vox spokesman in the House of Representatives, Iván Espinosa de los Monteros, emphasized in his speech that with this act in the House of Commons they are putting an end to “a serious democratic anomaly”: “Today the people who were silenced will recover the voice in this House, the home of all Spaniards, not just liberals”.

Espinosa de los Monteros, who has defended that “all victims must be treated equally”, has asserted that Rafael Marcos “is a victim of an activist government that is not ready to stop even in the face of illegality”. In that vein, he added that “after one last sentence,” the executive “pardoned the kidnapper and molester of her children.”

“Today for the first time your voice will be heard, the voice of all victims of domestic violence and victims of the Gender Based Violence Act. The truth is on your side and the truth always wins in the end,” he said.

He also celebrated Vox “starting to win battles of ideas” as they are “talking about things that couldn’t be talked about two years ago” in Congress today. “Today in Congress we are going to speak about the legal and democratic aberration of gender laws, which to date no one in this House has criticized,” he said.

The event, organized by Vox in the House of Commons, ended with a minute’s silence “in memory of all the victims of any kind of violence” at the request of Espinosa de los Monteros.


This morning, in an interview on Esradio collected by Europa Press, Vox’s parliamentary speaker congratulated the PP on managing to delay the final passage of the ‘just yes is yes’ bill in the Senate after a successful amendment by Junts the support of the popular and other factions.

“What the PP has achieved really cleverly is to postpone the passage of the law until September, so congratulations because they acted well,” said the Vox boss.

Source europapress.es

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