María Lo (Chiclana de la Frontera, 32 years old) is already one master chef. The woman from Cadiz became the winner of the tenth Spanish edition of the format last Monday after beating her partner Verónica Gómez in a culinary duel. He passed a whole series of heart attack tests with his discipline and methodical work, which he attributes to the teachings of his Chinese father, who was unable to take part in the final (recorded on April 28) for health reasons and died in May. . . on his way through master chef He’s made great friends and even got back together with his former partner Teresa, with whom he now has a good relationship. Currently, the young woman, who entered the program without a job, has a slew of projects and vacancies on the horizon that promise her a bright future in the world of cooking.

Questions. She was perceived as an outstanding student from the start. Did it look like this?

Answer. master chef It’s a long format where you’re three and a half months. I went through all the emotional states that exist on this planet earth. Between the third and fourth week I felt a peak of insecurity as I had always been very insecure. So I put a lot of pipe into it and demanded that I do everything perfectly so I wouldn’t have a chance to fail. It also coincided with making the blessed damned soufflé, which is the one I suffered the most from. That was the result of this insecurity, which overwhelmed me because I also started to see that people were starting to run away and take it very seriously. It was a stumble that helped me say, “Tía, get up, get on the ground. Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed, you’re doing everything right. And if you make a mistake, you will learn.” It was a very strong learning moment, so I could have called the dish The Inflection Soufflé.

P He confessed that he didn’t like compliments. How do you deal with the wave that rolled over you after the finale?

R On the show, George [Cruz] He complimented me even though he sometimes told me that he expected more from me. When they start repeating nice things to you, it shocks you, and then you adjust it a bit more. Today when everything is so brutal with the amount of people telling me nice things, there comes a point where you normalize it and accept it without taking away its value. I used to look stupid when they complimented me. At least now I can say thank you. But there are still times when I find it difficult.

P What can futures do? master chefs to acquire the discipline of María Lo in such stressful situations?

R You have to have an Asian father (laughs). It comes a lot from my father and I think he’s known worldwide for being so methodical about Asian culture. My own passion for cooking has also helped me a lot, which actually goes back to my father’s love from an early age. Instead of a hug, like a good Asian, he told me to try different things. When I had difficult one-on-ones where all the weight was on me, I would look at the plate and my head would spin as I thought. That’s why I was seen as silent on the shows, like everything was happening inside me. So when I started, I already had a clear vision and pushed forward.

P He left the program with many opportunities. Will you accept Jordi Cruz’s job offer?

R I’m looking for short term. Now I’m going to do a master’s degree at Basque Culinary Center, which is my biggest dream in the world as I’ve always wanted to study cooking. This is the most important prize. After seven months, when it’s over, I think I’ll take Jordi Cruz’s job offer. I’m very aware that I want to build my own project, but you learn from every experience and something I want to experience is working in a Michelin starred gastronomic field. Up with Jordi, I spent thirteen weeks with this man. I see him as a mentor, so I’m extra excited. The problem of working in Cancun also seems wonderful to me, what happens is that it’s a year and I would have to see if it pays me. I’ll have to eat my head a lot.

P And when do you plan to open your own restaurant?

R I am a very busy person so if I had my way I would have my restaurant up and running already. But no, you have to go step by step. I need time to think about the project, study it well and capture all my essence in it. My closest projects are studying in the Basque Country and continuing my training with Jordi while undertaking other personal projects. I am interested in riding a delivery in Barcelona so people can try my dishes at home. Then I have another project with my girl in Tarragona where we have a piece of land with olive trees and want to use it to make our own extra virgin olive oil. We love connecting with nature and creating something with our own olives, pressing them and making a brand is what we really want. As for my restaurant, I don’t think it will appear in the next two years, but it is clear that María Lo’s future lies in it.

María Lo, winner of MasterChef 10, during one of the programs.

P Are you up to date with your teammates and rivals on the show?

R As always in life, you agree with some people more than with others. The luck we’ve had is that we’re a very young group that prides ourselves on having fought everything we’ve fought. We formed a very cool group. I’m up to date with the people I’ve been closest to, but I always find out what everyone is doing. But I’m staying with Teresa, my ex, who I haven’t spoken to anymore and now I have a super awesome relationship after that master chef. And Vero, of course. Yesterday I watched the final and the truth is I won’t change it. I liked this Vero against María, the blonde and the brunette, two women fighting for their passion for cooking. I feel very much identified with her and we connect in many things, such as the claim and professionalism.

P Would you dare to set up a project with one of them?

R I always say about Vero that I would count on her with my eyes closed for any kind of business and joint project. I don’t think it will happen as she is very clear about what she wants to do and so am I. But hey, never say never. You in Madrid and I in Barcelona. Something interesting could come of this.

P Pepe Rodríguez told him in the final test that he would have liked to taste even more Asian influence in his kitchen. Note something?

R Well, dad already gave me the greatest thing: my passion for cooking. He came to Spain with a first group of Chinese more than sixty years ago, somehow escaping his family situation. His mother, to whom he was very close, died at the age of 40. He decided to come to Spain to settle down and get away from China a bit. Since he never spoke to me very positively about it, I put this style of cooking aside for a while. Yes, it’s true that it’s still a very important part of me, so maybe while the Asian influence isn’t in all my dishes, I’ll add an element to all my desserts. In the end it is very fashionable.

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