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María José Villavicencio, “the billionaire businesswoman” denounces the accusations made against her in Mexico

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July 21, 2022 at 1:50 p.m.

María José Villavicencio known as “The Billionaire Businesswoman” has been accused by Mexican producer Rodrigo Fragoso in charge of Fragsali Talent Agency of alleged fraud and breach of contract. This happened after the influencer took part in MTV Miaw. Faced with this, the Ecuadorian known for her character “Luz María” spoke from her social networks. In her testimony, she assured that the person who accused her had threatened to make her disappear.

The social media actress gave an interview broadcast from her Facebook account where she gave her version of the events surrounding the controversy.

The first thing she did was piece together the events of the event that made her a trend and the issue that followed it, which, as she herself tells it, has its milestones since l approach that Fragoli had towards his person.

María José explained that she met him through someone who contacted her as a representative of the community LGBTI of Mexico to name her, as has been done on previous occasions with other personalities, “Gay Queen”.

She had responded with enthusiasm, despite the fact that Pride Day had already taken place a few days ago in the Aztec country. However, due to lack of time, she asked him to contact her after her participation in the biggest influencer event.

Before delving into the anecdote of meeting the representative of Fragasali Talent, she denied, as in several minutes of the video, that she considers herself a “transphobic” person because it is the public -as said. Majo- who supported her the most.

She even exposed some evidence where she takes several photos and receives hugs in the middle of a ‘Gay Club’, with several people who belong to the LGBTIQ+ community, to prove her claims. In the same way, he affirmed that part of the circle of work and friends are people very “dear” to this community.

First meetings with Rodrigo Fragoso

When recording the statement, she assured that in the face of accusations of having committed “fraud” With the agency she is suing today, she never signed a contract and only received 25,000 Mexican pesos during her visit to the North American country. This money was payment for one of the presentations he made at the entertainment center named above.

Similarly, in the press release distributed via Twitter by Fragoso has also been tagged as “thief”, to which she responded by explaining that she had never owed anyone money. He said that all the services he received were exchanged for videos for social networks promoting brands in his image.

“The guy appeared in front of me and my sister with a violent attitude”

María José Villavicencio says that during the meetings where she was offered the presentations in nightlife centers, it was impossible for her to stay longer in Mexico because she had to continue shooting three videos a week, as part of the contract with the Ecuamedios production company.

So, the influencer offered to help her record the videos in the country, so that meetings in clubs would be possible. This is where Rodrigo takes center stage. During these processes where he supposedly helped her with the production, she and her sister met his true self.

The violent behavior towards the two Villavicencio sisters was the beginning for them to feel violated, they tolerated everything until it reached its extreme point.

Moreover, the image rights so that the videos could be published legally were never issued by him, although they are constantly claimed.

strong threats

Midway through the interview, the actress was asked if he had ever threatened her, and she responded with the following:

“He told me he was going to disappear. That I didn’t know who I was bothering with and that if he wanted to, we wouldn’t go on the air anymore. I make a move and destroy you on social media. I hold a press conference and I put an end to your profession”.

Testimony of María José Villavicencio.

Faced with this, she and her sister chose to leave Mexico because they saw their lives in danger. Also, the company that María José works for released a statement in which they clearly leave everything around the Mexican’s claim.

“The billionaire businesswoman” assured that this would be the only statement she would make, as she does not trust other media outlets due to the misrepresentations she has suffered as a result of the issue. On the other hand, his production and participation in life stories continues on social networks.

Source metroecuador.com

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