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María Jesús Montero does not rule out an agreement with the PP to approve the bank tax

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He accuses Feijóo of “political cynicism”.


The Minister of Finance and Public Functions and Deputy Secretary General of the PSOE, María Jesús Montero, has assured that she does not rule out an agreement with the PP to approve the new bank tax and has stated that she also hopes to reach an agreement with the PM.

In an interview in La Vanguardia collected by Europa Press this Sunday, Montero claimed that the leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has not yet spoken out against it: “I don’t have to believe that the PP doesn’t believe that it it is convenient to ask for greater effort for those who can have greater benefit.

She has stated that she hopes the tax will find enough support: “I have no doubts about the ERC and the left groups. I’m sure they will support him because they have asked us to do more and more in tax matters.” Company.”

A redistribution of the extraordinary profits of the financial institutions is fair, he said: “This is not against anyone, but about a balanced distribution of the burdens that cannot fall solely and exclusively on the domestic economies.”

And he demands “that the usual people don’t pay for the crisis” and defends that the petrol bonus, the reduction in electricity bills and other measures must be financed without implying a risk to sustainability. of public accounts.


When asked about the dialogue table between the government and the Generalitat, Montero said that “very important efforts have been made to enter into dialogue with Catalonia and to maintain the constructive spirit”.

And he has accused junts of not getting involved: “I wish more people would sit down at the table and we demanded it from the other ruling party. They refused. From junts they prefer the confrontation continue,” he lamented.

Montero has called the “de-juridification of the Catalan question” very important, pointing out that in his eyes any law that one does not share ideologically cannot immediately be taken to court.

Finally, when asked if she supported a pardon in connection with the ERE verdict, Montero emphasized that “Chaves and Griñán have not personally benefited, neither they nor their families. They have not taken a euro of public money”, although in their opinion they are only paying for sinners.


He has accused the PP of counting and shouting votes to provoke “asymmetric discontent” even without scheduled elections, and that left-wing voters are not voting, he says.

“For right-wing voters, the noise does not create the same distance to vote as it does for left-wing voters. Progressive people don’t like it when political life is permanently contaminated with thick lines, disqualifications, confrontations,” he said.

In this sense, she has pointed out to Feijóo that he is practicing “political cynicism” to talk about a recession, as she says with interest: “She says that we are at the door of a recession. That’s playing tricks. It’s trying to convey something that doesn’t exist in the variables being expressed,” he pointed out.

Source europapress.es

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