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María Félix went from single mother to Mexican legend: it was her difficult rise

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Yes OK Marie Felix He became a Mexican legend, it’s also true that he didn’t have that easy to achieve. And it is that despite his successes, talent and charisma, his personal life became one of his weaknesses, as he never achieved the tranquility he desiredbecause of the large number of adversities that have come their way.

The worst of them was when after marrying Enrique Álvarez la Torre and having their little Enrique Alvarez Felixdivorced after two years of marriage in which she was not completely happy, because there were many differences between them, so many that after their separation he decided to kidnap the little one to take him away from her, to make him suffer, because also, at the During this year 1938, I was able to realize that this star had not yet consolidated in the artistic field, I did not have the means to maintain it properly.

Faced with this first failure, The Mexican did not give up and tried to find a way to earn money, so she did not hesitate to work as a receptionist at a doctor’s office. Over time, he was taking his first steps towards acting, because his interest was to shine and have a job that would allow him to be known. All to prove to herself and the world that she could do it your wildest dreams.

Successes and failures of María Félix

that is how Marie Felix was attending various castings, but her chance came when She met Agustín Lara who, in addition to becoming a great support in the professional field, became her husband and together they consolidated their career and their family. for two years, because the outstanding actor helped bring him home.

Once established in Mexico, He received an irresistible contract to shoot 10 films in Spain. This represented another blow to his family life, because despite the fact that it was a great opportunity to expand his career, he had to move away from his son again. so what sent to study at a military boarding school in Canada for 12 years so she could do her job as an actress. This was blamed on her by her son who called her a “bad mother”, because he was sent alone on a plane to a country he did not know without anyone accompanying him.

This, in addition to causing her pain, made her stronger, but it did not stop her from continuing her work of entertaining the public thanks to her incredible talent. His notoriety grows more and more, transcends, crosses borders and is present in the most ambitious projects, but his personal life is more and more controversial. Well, he was romantically involved with Argentine actor Carlos Thompson who proposed to him but “La Doña” left him almost at the altar because their relationship was more physical than romantic.

She continues her path full of success, as well as suitors who constantly court her, Jorge Negrete becoming her third husband, but while All of this happened to her son Enrique, he was always away from her at boarding school where she only visited him during holidays and Christmas dates. And although she was always against him in later devoting herself to acting, Enrique did not hesitate to follow Ernesto Alonso’s advice and fulfilled his dream of being an exceptional actor and a stunner. soap opera heart.

This new marriage only lasted 11 months, as Negrete died following an accident in New York on December 5, 1953. Since then, María Félix has continued her ascent, but despite the pain it causes her, she does not hesitate to remarry for the fourth and last time with the Romanian businessman and banker Alexander Berger.

She was with him until 1974, when he died and she chose not to believe in love anymore and to dedicate herself to her house without knowing that the greatest pain of her life would come with the death of her only son in 1996 who, due to a heart attack, said goodbye causing great sadness in her who died six years later. However, before dying she managed to play for the last time at the age of 88 in the project created by the writer Sergio Almazán, author of the novel Remember, María.


Source metroecuador.com

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