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María del Monte at the Pride proclamation in Seville: “Never in my life have I hidden from anyone, nor will I for love”

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The Pride Proclamation in Seville, which took place in the afternoon of this Thursday, June 23, turned not only into a great party, but also into an applauded and very viral speech thanks to the artist who took the stage to deliver it : Maria from the mountain . The 60-year-old singer from Seville revolutionized the Alameda de Hércules stage in the Andalusian capital – and social networks too – with clear and candid words, in which she clearly spoke out about her sexual orientation for the first time in almost four decades of her career.

The performer of such popular songs as sing me He got as far as the Alameda aboard a huge white SUV with a sloping hood, and from there he waved. With the vehicle covered in rainbow flags, she herself wore a scarf in the same colors, representing the LGTBIQ+ collective. Once there, María del Monte issued a proclamation revealing details of her personal life in an unprecedented moment.

“What I don’t want is for the people I love to suffer,” the well-known artist explained. “But I want you to know before I get off here that I’m another person of all of us who are here and of all who are part of the world,” he said amid a great explosion of joy from the part concentrated there Publicity. “And that my partner is here tonight, this afternoon, of course. I will respect his freedom, if he wants to go up, let him go up; if not, then no.”

Maria del Monte, upon her arrival at the Alameda de Hércules to give the Pride Proclamation in Seville on June 23, 2022.cord press

“What do you think I’m a robot like I’ve said on occasion that I didn’t start my family? Of course I have the love of my life, I was lucky enough to find the love of my life,” the singer said. “I have a family and have been protecting them for 23 years. I’ve started talking about freedom and I will respect your freedom,” he continued, saying he has no intention of revealing any more details about his personal life.

“Plain and simple, it’s mine,” he argued of his family and his lack of intention to make any further statements about it. “And today I claim again that it remains my property. I have never hidden from anyone in my life, nor will I for love. Never,” he asserted clearly, knowing full well that this intention to protect his family was also given through his public exposure and, at times, through his media persecution. “Am I crazy? Am I passed out? Yes maybe. But I tried to protect this family because if I were a typist, nothing would happen.”

Since her debut in the early eighties, María del Monte has been a fixture in the world of songs and only a month ago she released an album, her first in 14 years, after a very difficult period personally: in May 2020 he lost one of his four brothers due to Covid-19; a year later, in May 2021, another of them died, also as a result of the coronavirus; and in August 2021 his mother Bibiana died at the age of 95.

María del Monte Tejado Algaba (that’s her real name) is also a well-known face on television, presenting shows since the 1990s and taking part as a contestant in other formats, starting in 2005 Look who’s dancing or 2016 celebrity of the master chef. The world of hearts is also no stranger to the singer. In the mid-1990s, her intense relationship with fellow singer Isabel Pantoja, 65, brought her to all the pink and yellow programs on the national scene. In fact, even Telecinco was ordered in 2014 to pay María del Monte €50,000 for implying (in a 2010 broadcast) that she was in a relationship with Pantoja, after which she filed a lawsuit to protect the right to intimacy.

María del Monte was closely associated with Pantoja’s adoption of her daughter Isabel, now known as Chabelita either Isa P, mid nineties. So much so that she eventually became the godmother of the now 26-year-old girl. Goddaughter and godmother maintained a close connection, but Isa has occasionally said that after the abrupt end between the two artists, they stopped seeing each other from one day to the next.

In fact, Isa Pantoja and María del Monte got back on the phone last April after more than seven years. The singer then explained, “Isa is a person I love very much. Love does not die, it is not bought or sold”; while the young television worker excitedly said, “Nana, I love you too and I will always love you.”

Finally, the two met in person less than a month ago on the set of the Telecinco show save me deluxe, between tears of emotion after a decade without seeing each other. “We have already talked, we will continue to talk, but this is not the right place,” María del Monte affirmed at the time. In fact, he has already told him in an interview with Bertín Osborne that there are things he will not talk about, especially his relationship with Isa. “Circumstances… Sometimes we screw it up and the result is things that happen and shouldn’t have happened,” he added, without giving any further details about his longstanding distance from the two, Isa’s daughter and Isabel Pantoja. The latter in particular will also be present at other Pride parties: those that will be held in Madrid in July, where she will be the guest of honor and where she is expected to perform on the 8th.

Source elpais.com

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