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Mankind’s tallest structure: Saudi Arabia lays out plans for 170-kilometer skyscraper

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Jul 27, 2022 @ 11:46am

A gigantic project in Saudi Arabia is “The Line”. The Desert State releases plans for a 170-kilometer structure that could house 9 million people.

The line is set to become the tallest structure ever built by man. (Source: Neom)

  • A gigantic structure could be built in the desert of Saudi Arabia.
  • The mega building is 170 kilometers long, 500 meters high and only 200 meters wide and will be able to accommodate millions of people.
  • It would be the largest structure ever made by man.
  • The building could accommodate all residents of Switzerland.

If these plans are implemented, the largest structure in human history will be built in Saudi Arabia. The mirrored structure is to stretch across the arid desert like a gigantic serpent, complete with viewing platforms and its own infrastructure.

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This is based on several hundred pages of comprehensive planning documents the wall street journal present. Also a Press release provides details. The construction is to be part of the so-called Neom project, in which a high-tech city of the future is being designed on the drawing board. Neom is to be implemented near the Red Sea and is budgeted at several hundred billion US dollars.

Presentation: the line

Up to nine million people will live in the prone skyscraper when completed. For comparison: around 6.2 million people currently live in the Berlin metropolitan area. Living approximately in Switzerland 8.7 million inhabitants. Schools, apartments, parks, hospitals, a sports stadium and even its own marina – The Line should house it all.

Residents are supposed to get around using a high-speed underground train. The journey from one end to the other should take around 20 minutes. Individual transport by car is not provided. Organic food must be grown within the facility.

100% renewable energy

Even though the building’s planned mirroring doesn’t indicate it, The Line is meant to draw its energy entirely from renewables. Solar cells will probably contribute a lot to this.

Whether The Line will actually be built remains an open question. The idea for the project dates back to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who could be commemorated with the gigantic building. Like the British Tutor reports, but there are also many critical voices about the project. The possible resettlement of the Huwaitat tribe, which has lived in this region for centuries, is particularly critical.

A previous version of this article gave the cost of construction. The sources we used being very distant, we did not give precise figures. It has also been read that the Great Wall of China can be seen from space. This is not true and we have also removed this review.

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