August 10, 2022 at 4:54 p.m.

A new Android projector from Wejoy will soon feature projections that you can touch with a magic wand. Here you can secure innovation cheaply in advance.

Wejoy’s new mini projector makes its projections tactile thanks to the included “magic wands”. (Source: ©Wejoy)

  • The Wejoy Mini is a projector whose image can be touched with a magic wand.
  • The 4K projector can also be used as an interactive whiteboard.
  • If you still participate in the already successful crowdfunding, you will receive a decent discount on the product.

The Chinese manufacturer Wejoy is developing a new generation of its interactive projectors with the Android operating system: With the mini projector, which is currently in the final stages of its crowdfunding phase, the technology should also work reliably and precisely thanks battery operated “magic wands”.

While the funding goal on Kickstarter has already quadrupled, you can still help fund the project and, depending on how much you contribute, save over 40% of the targeted market price if you buy the new Wejoy projector. pre-ordered this way and thus pays around 390 euros for the innovation from Hong Kong.

Tactile projection thanks to the magic wand

The trick with the new device: Instead of the rather imprecise recognition of hands and gestures of the previous model Wejoy Y2, the new mini projector focuses entirely on the supplied telescopic rods, which allow touching interactive surfaces in the field of projection.

You can use the magic wand to press projected buttons - or pop balloons.

You can use the magic wand to press projected buttons – or pop balloons. (Source: © Wejoy; Screenshot: Netzwelt)

When it comes to content feeding, the new Wejoy projector is also extremely flexible: in addition to wireless connection options via Apple AirPlay, screen mirroring for Android devices and Bluetooth connections, the compact projector should also have USB and HDMI connections.

Moreover, the display size of up to 130 inches is absolutely competitive, as is the UHD resolution in the 4K range. Only the brightness value of 600 ANSI suggests that you will tend to have to hold future interactive performances with the Wejoy device in dark rooms.

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