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MagentaTV: Just in time for the European Basketball Championship with a new channel



August 12, 2022 at 9:01 a.m.

MagentaTV customers can expect a new channel. The MS Sport channel will be activated on the Telekom TV platform just in time for the Eurobasket 2022 basketball championship.

Telekom adds a new channel to its MagentaTV television service for the European basketball championship, MS Sport. (Source: Deutsche Telekom/Christian Verheyen)

  • With MS Sport, MagentaTV is launching a new channel in September.
  • First, for example, the live matches of the German basketball players during the parallel start Eurobasket 2022 will be broadcast.
  • The channel is switched to program position 50.

The entire Eurobasket 2022 basketball championship can be viewed live via MagentaTV. If you are a customer there, you will receive a transmitter just in time for the start of the European Championship. For example, all European Championship matches of the German national team are broadcast live on MS Sport.

Also interesting…

On the channel, there are also highlights and summaries between the performances of the Germany team around NBA stars Dennis Schröder, Franz Wagner and Daniel Theis. MS Sport can be found in the MagentaTV channel list at program position 50 and will remain active there after Eurobasket 2022.

The transmitter will remain after the European Basketball Championship

Basically, all the material will be collected there and re-presented together on one channel, which will also be offered to MagentaTV customers in the MagentaSport app. As soon as the European Championship is over, content from other sports and competitions, such as live matches of the women’s football Bundesliga, ice hockey or other international matches of the national basketball team- ball, is broadcast there.

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